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5 Tips Before Starting a Landscaping Business

Still thinking about whether starting a landscaping business was a mistake? Thinking of quitting already? Why don’t you hold that thought for now and let me help you out...

For a starter, it sure is tough getting in on the game, or is it? Let me tell you now, in the technological age, it has gotten a lot easier to learn the secrets of the trade, you just have to know where to look. I’m the founder of The Landscaping Employee Trap, Keith Kalfas. Let me share my experiences of starting my own landscaping business. Understand these five crucial things to get a jumpstart in the industry!

You’re Going To Do Counterintuitive Things

Like calling the landscape supplier and canceling an order that you just placed a couple of hours ago and then call them 30 minutes later, resubmitting the order. And then calling them half an hour later, AGAIN, and canceling the same order. They might even ask, "are you sure you want to be a landscaper?"

Any startup can fall in a...

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6 Tips Before Starting A Window Cleaning Business - Even With NO Money

Founder and author of The Window Cleaning Blueprint: How to Make $500 a Day Cleaning Windows, Keith Kalfas, talks about the 6 things you have to consider before getting into the window cleaning business.

One common misconception about the window cleaning business is that it looks like a piece of cake from the outside, but it can be the exact opposite from the inside. I'm excited to share these tips with you, so let’s get right into it!

Know the current state of the window cleaning business

Fourteen billion dollars a year ($14,000,000,000/year!) is spent on cleaning services in the United States alone. There are people who need help cleaning their houses or washing their cars who would rather spend a little of their money to save time and spend it with their families.

So what do houses and cars have in common? WINDOWS! Yes, you read that right. Windows are literally everywhere! And these windows need to be cleaned. That means MONEY IS EVERYWHERE when you are in the window...

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How to Make $150 in 45 minutes Cleaning Windows


The Water Fed Pole

Has got to be the most amazing tool ever!

In this blog post, I'll be sharing how I clean a clients windows regularly.

We alternate between cleaning the inside and outside and just cleaning the exterior windows only every other time. (Hope that made sense).

When we clean the whole house I charge $225 for window cleaning inside and outside plus tracks, sills, and screens cleaned. When we clean only the exterior. It's $150.

This particular house doesn't have any screens on the outsides of the windows to remove, so I can bang the whole thing out with the water fed pole in about 45 minutes. 

It's actually kind of fun too. I can clearly remember working all day long in my dead-end lawn care job to only bring home $90 bucks or so after taxes. Now you obviously have to pay taxes when you're self-employed. But I'm just saying'. Seems like a whole lot better lifestyle to me.

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More About The Water Fed Pole

I could honestly write an...

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Build Your Business and Live Your Dreams

Build Your Business and Live Your Dreams

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