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How to Make $150 in 45 minutes Cleaning Windows


The Water Fed Pole

Has got to be the most amazing tool ever!

In this blog post, I'll be sharing how I clean a clients windows regularly.

We alternate between cleaning the inside and outside and just cleaning the exterior windows only every other time. (Hope that made sense).

When we clean the whole house I charge $225 for window cleaning inside and outside plus tracks, sills, and screens cleaned. When we clean only the exterior. It's $150.

This particular house doesn't have any screens on the outsides of the windows to remove, so I can bang the whole thing out with the water fed pole in about 45 minutes. 

It's actually kind of fun too. I can clearly remember working all day long in my dead-end lawn care job to only bring home $90 bucks or so after taxes. Now you obviously have to pay taxes when you're self-employed. But I'm just saying'. Seems like a whole lot better lifestyle to me.

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