#5 Tips for Life to CAREFULLY Consider (Especially If You are Young) "Regret is the worst"



5 Tips for life

CAREFULLY Consider these tips (Especially If You are Young)




Here's some life advice if you're spinning your wheels and not actively pursuing your life purpose. Whatever you do, don't let negative people hold you back.


#1 Be selfish and obsessed with your own success

#2 Get away from loser friends

#3 Just because you date her doesn't mean you have to move in with her

#4 Get out of bad relationships

#5 Be realistic


What do I mean by Young? I mean if you're in your 20s. Maybe you're in your teens watching this, or maybe you are in your 30s. Maybe you are 30, 40, 50. Young is just a state of mind.


These 5 things I'm going to read you right now I believe are really important.


And why should you listen to me? Some 36-year-old dog? Because I know a little bit about this stuff.


I believe that my heart's in the right place.  So I'll name them real quick and then I'll go through them slowly.


Number 1 Be selfish and obsessed with your own success.

Number 2 Get away from loser friends immediately and make new friends.

Number 3 Just because you're dating her doesn't mean you have to marry her. And definitely don't move in with her.

Number 4 Get out of bad relationships, just get out.

Number 5 Be practical and realistic and take baby steps. Doing that will actually if you want to chase a big dream big fractal unrealistic as a good foundation.



Okay, so back to Number 1. Be selfish and obsessed with your success.

You may have goals and dreams, maybe you are a young workaholic, or you like to work out and go to the gym, and maybe you want to be a bigger part of like some organization. Maybe you want to get a degree. Maybe you want to travel to some school or learn a trade or get into Tech.


I promise you if you're not self selfishly obsessed with those things, then the people around you, especially the negative people around will not support that because a lot of people are negative like by nature.


Selfish by nature. It is always all about them. If you don't guard that like a hawk, I'm telling you years will start to go by and your dream will slip away and you'll look back and have regret.


Be selfishly obsessed with your own success. If you get an opportunity to leave the state to go travel, just do it. Do whatever the hell makes you feel like it's getting you closer to you and guarding that success because I promise you years will go by if you stay in some shitty dead-end job that you hate and you allow the people around you to suck you into their agenda.



Okay, which brings me to Number 2. 


Get away from loser friends. Or get away from friends that only have an agenda for themselves.  Friends that selfishly want to suck your time away for their own selfishness.


If you have friends that do drugs, that drink excessively, that party a lot, maybe they are bringing drugs in your car or your truck or around you, get away from them immediately.


I don't care if you knew these people since you were in 5th grade.


They're not your friend because you get in trouble one time because of them, it could cost you ten years of your life.


It can cause you to go to jail or prison. A decade of your life will go by and you will look back fighting to get out of that situation. And I know for a fact you will say to yourself,


"That wasn't worth it."


I could be in a completely different place in my life right now if I made those mistakes. These people aren't your friends and you are better.


You're better off being alone than be with somebody who's a loser and doing drugs.


If you do drugs, and you have a friend you do drugs with, get away from that friend. They're not your friends. Make new friends.

Period. I'm not talking about weed. I'm talking about real hardcore drugs that affect your ability to be awesome.

In the photo below, this experience changed my life.

And I shared it with a very good friend that has the same goals. 

Those goals are to live out our life's purpose. 

We are always lifting each other up.  This is an example of what great, positive friends are.




Okay, Number 3. 

Just because you date her doesn't mean you have to marry her.


Definitely don't move in with her. So I understand there's life situations and scenarios when it's economically tough and you're not making a lot of money yet so you might live with somebody that you're dating.


But if you know you're not supposed to be with this person and they're holding back your evolution, then get out.


Do whatever you got to do because I promise you 5 years go by and you will look at your life and you'll have regret that you were with someone that didn't have your back, or didn't support you and your dreams. 


I know somebody who's close to me who spent like 7 years in a shitty relationship. In those years, their life just flew by because they were too afraid to leave. You gotta go. You gotta have that conversation. He eventually got out and he started to evolve into the person he wanted to be.


A healthy marriage or relationship is a good foundation where you're evolving with each other constantly and consistently. Find someone who is on your team.  That will support you and the time that it is going to take for you to accomplish your dreams. Get out of relationships that are holding you back from being selfishly obsessed with your success and getting in the way from you being successful.


Number 4. Get out of bad relationships.


Same thing as Number 3. This doesn't even have to be an actual relationship with someone you're dating in a relationship with. I'm talking about your own family or maybe your best friends.


You need to spend months or years away from that person because maybe you're not mature enough. You don't have the capacity to draw your line in the sand and you haven't developed a really strong boundary.


If that person or people are toxic and pulling you down then you have every right to pluck them out of your life for a few years if you don't have the power to spend less time to them. You have to get them out of your life.


Years of your life will go by and you will look back and say, 


"I can't believe I let that vampire suck me down for all those years."


And here's the next thing, sometimes these can be people that you love and you want their love, you crave their love, you need their love. If you desire their love yet with their love becomes a lot of just cutting you at the knees and belittling you and hurting your dreams, then it's very important to get crystal clear and as soon as possible get selfishly obsessed with your own success as quickly as possible.


Set boundaries in place with these people so that when you do learn to say no to them, it is a smooth transition. They will end up respecting you more unconsciously for setting the boundaries in stone. And if they don't, then you do not need people like that in your life. Period.




Number 5 Be practical and realistic about taking baby steps.


I'm going to talk about how you need to be realistic. If you want to chase a dream, but you're not realistically and practically setting up the structures, setting the boundaries, getting rid of negative people, being obsessed with your own success, and getting away from loser friends, then look, it's not going to happen.


Another thing about being practical and realistic. So you want to have a great physical physique. You want to work out and become extremely in shape yet you won't even go to the gym. You have to put the work in for anything that you want to be accomplished.


If you want to be successful in business, then get around other business owners who are really doing it and in there in the grind and the hustle every day.


If you think all the sudden one day the clouds are going to part and then this big blessing is going to come on, you're just going to be falling out of control unless you're like the .01% of people that are so incredibly talented have a super high IQ, or get everything handed to them.

What I mean is to be practical and realistic. Which means getting into an environment around the people who are already doing what you want to do.


When I was younger, I was in debt, my life sucked so bad and I didn't realize I had the world by the balls. I didn't even know it. Because I was in my early 20s and I literally was thinking that one-day things would open up for me and I would become rich. I mean it's probably not going to happen.


And so if I could go back and speak to my younger self when I was like 21, 22 23, I would grab myself by the throat and I would just I would slap myself for like hours until my whole face was red and then I would slap myself on the other side until both of my cheeks were beat red. You know, until I was crying and saying to myself,


"You idiot, nothing is going to come and save you.  Man up and start planning on saving yourself."


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and ignorance is bliss.


It's true because some of the most amazing times in your life are the times when you have no care in the world. I mean, I never got into drugs or alcohol, but I was at the club once with my friend and we were pretty drunk and I think like Akon was playing or something and there's like a thousand people dancing.


It's like you're living that hype nightlife and you feel like you're the shit and it's the best feeling in the world. I really do think times like that are important. You just can't let those times become an addiction. 


I remember when I met my wife. Well, I thought I was the shit. Like I thought I was the shit. I had this Rocawear jacket with the collar up and I had my beard all trimmed out in perfect lines. And shoes with the tongue sticking out. I was so egotistical. I was a bartender at the time. 


Well, my wife back then was so hot. Not that she isn't now, but she had this hot and stuck up personality. She thought she was the shit too. It was so challenging to me and we just had this amazing chemistry. 


I knew right away that she was going to be my wife. 



I knew she would have my back and support my dreams. It's interesting, my wife and I were really close but we kind of grew apart. It was tough for that period of time, but then we became really close again because we worked to build our relationship back again.


Sometimes it is worth it to save your relationship. And I think that's what's really cool about marriage. That you can evolve together like this.


I know every relationship has its ups and downs. 


I am not telling you to throw a marriage or relationship away if you are at a down.  I am saying if time is going by and nothing is changing and it is always in a down, then you will have to step away from it.


No one is going to care about your success as much as yourself. So be with someone and surround yourself with people who will give you space and time you need to be everything you want to be. Life is short and you don't want to have any regrets. 


 Final Thoughts

These 5 steps have helped me tremendously in my life and business.  I think as long as you are setting strong boundaries and surrounding yourself around like-minded people that do not suck your time but lift you up, you will see beautiful changes in your life that you may have not thought possible. Thank you for taking the time with me. I wish you the best of success and I wish you a phenomenal year!


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