Meet Keith Kalfas

I started out in East Side Metro Detroit living paycheck to paycheck in a dead-end 9-5 job. I always loved the idea of financial independence and not having to listen to a boss. I mowed grass since I was 14 and was in a dire situation financially. I had to start a business quickly with low start-up costs, so I decided to start my own landscaping business. For a long time I was just scraping by, but with sheer determination, I scaled my business to six figures. Was it hard? Of course, it was. But the effort was worth the weight in gold for me. My landscaping business continues to pay me every day. 

With my own business and no boss to answer to, I started teaching other entrepreneurs inside the Keith Kalfas Academy how they could start their own businesses. I became an influencer in my industry. I took everything I learned from my experience and started making as much content around it as possible. All the work I put in is worth it if I help people become financially free.

I still run my landscaping business but now I spend a lot of my time teaching thousands of students in the Keith Kalfas Academy how to grow their businesses to 6-figures. I also travel around the nation speaking about growing small businesses. I have spoken at the Huge Convention, the UAMCC, IGNITE, CSA, and several other industry events. I have also been featured in Turf Magazine, and the Window Cleaning Magazine UK. 

Other than speaking about small businesses I have also written two books with a detailed description of exactly how someone can go from nothing to a six-figure landscaping or window cleaning business.

I also make free content on YouTube and on my blog about landscaping, window cleaning, and quitting a 9-to-5. 

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