17 Ways to Get More Landscaping Clients - it's ready!

Hey guys, Keith Kalfas here! I'm super excited to announce the launch of my new book, "17 Ways to Get More Landscaping Clients."


This book is packed with everything you need to take your lawn and landscaping business to the next level.


Why This Book?

Marketing can be tough, especially when you're trying to juggle running a business at the same time. That's why I wrote this book—to give you a straightforward guide on how to market your landscaping business effectively.


Whether you're a seasoned landscaper or just starting out, this book has got you covered.


What's Inside?


Social Media Mastery: Discover how to use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to attract new clients.


Budget-Friendly Tips: Marketing doesn't have to be expensive. Discover strategies that won't break the bank but will still get you results.


Business Strategies: From branding to customer service, this book covers all the bases to help you build a...

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I Hate Doing Sod! But This $4,130 Landscaping Job Made It Worth It

Hey guys, Keith here.  I made a video and this blog post about some a Landscaping job we did the other day.


Landscaping often involves tasks we don't love, but the results can be rewarding. One such task is laying sod. Recently, we took on a landscaping job worth $4,130. Here’s how we did it step by step, turning a daunting task into a rewarding project.


The Project Overview


Our recent project involved installing 400 square feet of sod. Here’s a detailed look at what we did and how we did it.


Removing the Pine Tree and Stump Grinding

The first step was to remove an existing pine tree. This included cutting down the tree and grinding the stump to ensure a clean surface for the sod. The tree removal cost $1,800, and the stump grinding cost $250. Clearing the area added another $100 to the total.


Utility Line Check

Before starting ground work, it’s crucial to check for underground utility lines. We called a utility digging...

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Can Business Marketing Blueprint Transform Your Business?

If you're asking yourself, "Will this really work for me?" You're not alone. 

Every business owner wants to know if what they're buying will actually help their business. 


Let's look at why the "Business Marketing Blueprint" is more than just a guide—it's a tool designed to really make a difference.


Made Just for Small Outdoor Businesses


I created the "Business Marketing Blueprint" with small outdoor businesses in mind. It doesn’t just throw general advice at you. 

Instead, it offers practical steps that you can start using right away, no matter your budget or how many people you have helping you.



Strategies That Work


This blueprint is full of strategies I used to build my own businesses and help others do the same. 


These methods cover everything from using the internet to get more people to see your business, to building strong relationships with your customers. 


And they really work.


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Why Specializing in Something Like Pesticide Can Pay Off in Landscaping

 When you think about landscaping, you might think about mowing lawns or planting flowers. But there's more to it, like specializing in something specific, which can set you apart and help you make more money.


That's what Austin Douglas from Ditch The Itch Poison Ivy Mosquito Control will be talking about on the Untrapped Podcast.

Austin chose to focus on pesticide applications instead of general lawn care. This area needs more know-how and understanding about chemicals and bugs, which not everyone has. It's not just about using tools; it's about knowing what you're doing with them.

He started learning all this at a commercial nursery and then worked for a company that controlled poison ivy. He got his licenses and learned a lot about the business.


Austin says if you want to go into a special area like this, you need to be ready to learn a lot. This extra knowledge means you can charge more for your services because you offer something not just anyone can do....

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Mastering the Art of Big Landscaping Jobs: Insights from Keith Kalfas and Brian Fullerton

Hey everyone, Keith here!


Today, I want to share some golden nuggets from a recent chat I had with Brian Fullerton about tackling big landscaping jobs.


Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale up, these insights are going to help you navigate the complexities of larger projects.


Starting Small and Scaling Up

Starting with smaller projects is crucial in the landscaping business. It allows you to build your skills, understand client needs, and manage your resources effectively. Brian and I discussed how important it is to start small and gradually take on bigger projects.


I shared a story about a $13,000 job that involved a complete overhaul of a property's landscaping.


The key takeaway? Don't jump into big jobs without building up your experience and confidence through smaller projects. Each project teaches you something new, and every challenge you overcome builds your capability to handle more significant tasks.



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How Much Should Landscapers Charge To Install Mulch in 2024

Hey guys, Keith Kalfas here.


Today, we're going to talk about how much to charge for laying down mulch in 2024.


Whether you've been doing this for years or just starting, knowing the right price to charge is super important for keeping your business strong.


Different Types of Mulch and Prices


When selecting mulch for your landscaping projects, you have several options to consider. Each type of mulch not only differs in appearance but also in its benefits and costs. Here are a few popular choices:


  1.  Dyed Walnut Brown: This mulch is favored for its rich, dark color that enhances the aesthetic of garden beds. It typically costs around $33 per yard. Remember, the dye used is safe for plants but can fade over time, so it might need more frequent replacement or refreshment.


  1.  Black Mulch: Known for its striking contrast against green plants, black mulch is another dyed option that can help warm the soil and retain moisture. It's...
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Revolutionizing Landscaping My Journey with Jobber


 Hello! Keith Kalfas here.


If you're part of our green industry community, you know I'm passionate about finding and sharing tools that elevate our work. For over four years, Jobber has been at the core of transforming my landscaping business, and I'm excited to share a deep dive into how it's reshaped everything from client interactions to backend management.


The Genesis of Transformation

My journey with Jobber started from a place of frustration. Juggling phone calls, manual scheduling, and the chaos of paperwork was stifling the growth of my business.


The day I decided to integrate Jobber into my operations, the game changed. Jobber isn't just a tool; it's a digital revolution that puts the power of running a business into the palm of your hand.


Click here to get a free 2 week trial and a huge discount with my exclusive link getjobber.com/kalfas


Client Management: A New Era


Recall that call from Janet Jones? In the pre-Jobber...

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The Best Landscaping Business Advice I Ever Got!


Hey!  Hear me out if you're just starting out or you're in the 1, 2, 3, 4, maybe five-year mark and not making the money you want.


Growing a lawn care business is tough. You might start with lots of energy and hard work, but that alone might not get you the success you're hoping for. Here's how you can make your business better and make more money.


Starting Out: Hard Work Isn't Everything


When you're just getting your lawn care business off the ground, it's natural to throw yourself into the work with all your energy. You might find yourself working from dawn till dusk, tackling every job you can get your hands on, and pushing yourself to the limits.


This dedication is admirable and necessary, but it's crucial to understand that hard work alone might not lead to the success you're hoping for.


The Importance of Working Smart


Working smart is just as important as working hard. This means being strategic about the jobs you take, how you...

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Boost Your Fall Cleanup Profits: Three Secrets

When it comes to fall cleanups, there's more to it than just leaves. Here are three simple yet powerful secrets to help double your earnings:


Secret 1: Charging for Debris Removal

Say you charge $250 for a fall cleanup, which is good. But wait, there's more to it! Don't forget about the debris—leaves, twigs, and such. For every yard of debris you clear, add $60 to your earnings. Imagine clearing three yards; that's an extra $180 for your hard work!


How to Use This Strategy

When you offer your service, explain the $250 base charge for the fall cleanup. Also, let clients know about the extra $60 charge for each yard of debris removed. Being clear about these costs helps everyone understand what's involved and ensures you're paid fairly.


Figuring Out Debris Costs

Before you start cleaning, take a look at the debris. Estimate how much there is. This helps you and your clients know what to expect. Being upfront about these details builds trust.



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October was awesome!

Hey guys, Keith here.


I hope you had a Great October!

So many things were going on here!


The Biggest thing was the LevelUp Landscaping Webinar.  2 days of lots of fun with friends!  You can get the replay by clicking here!


We're planning another one at the first of the year - I hope you'll be there.


October's podcasts - 

How I Deal with Elderly Customers in My Landscaping Business

"Elderly people are amazing. They're to be respected and honored. That's how you deal with elderly people. If you keep that first in your thoughts, then everything else will fall into place."

- Keith Kalfas


  How Much Should I Charge Hourly Landscaping Jobs?

Before you promise the customer something amazing, you better be very careful about that, that you're inspecting what they expect and you're clarifying the expectations like I've even gone and I'll get a shovel or get some shrub trimmers. I'll do an area for free just a small area...

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