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Revolutionizing Landscaping My Journey with Jobber


 Hello! Keith Kalfas here.


If you're part of our green industry community, you know I'm passionate about finding and sharing tools that elevate our work. For over four years, Jobber has been at the core of transforming my landscaping business, and I'm excited to share a deep dive into how it's reshaped everything from client interactions to backend management.


The Genesis of Transformation

My journey with Jobber started from a place of frustration. Juggling phone calls, manual scheduling, and the chaos of paperwork was stifling the growth of my business.


The day I decided to integrate Jobber into my operations, the game changed. Jobber isn't just a tool; it's a digital revolution that puts the power of running a business into the palm of your hand.


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Client Management: A New Era


Recall that call from Janet Jones? In the pre-Jobber...

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The Best Landscaping Business Advice I Ever Got!


Hey!  Hear me out if you're just starting out or you're in the 1, 2, 3, 4, maybe five-year mark and not making the money you want.


Growing a lawn care business is tough. You might start with lots of energy and hard work, but that alone might not get you the success you're hoping for. Here's how you can make your business better and make more money.


Starting Out: Hard Work Isn't Everything


When you're just getting your lawn care business off the ground, it's natural to throw yourself into the work with all your energy. You might find yourself working from dawn till dusk, tackling every job you can get your hands on, and pushing yourself to the limits.


This dedication is admirable and necessary, but it's crucial to understand that hard work alone might not lead to the success you're hoping for.


The Importance of Working Smart


Working smart is just as important as working hard. This means being strategic about the jobs you take, how you...

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Boost Your Fall Cleanup Profits: Three Secrets

When it comes to fall cleanups, there's more to it than just leaves. Here are three simple yet powerful secrets to help double your earnings:


Secret 1: Charging for Debris Removal

Say you charge $250 for a fall cleanup, which is good. But wait, there's more to it! Don't forget about the debris—leaves, twigs, and such. For every yard of debris you clear, add $60 to your earnings. Imagine clearing three yards; that's an extra $180 for your hard work!


How to Use This Strategy

When you offer your service, explain the $250 base charge for the fall cleanup. Also, let clients know about the extra $60 charge for each yard of debris removed. Being clear about these costs helps everyone understand what's involved and ensures you're paid fairly.


Figuring Out Debris Costs

Before you start cleaning, take a look at the debris. Estimate how much there is. This helps you and your clients know what to expect. Being upfront about these details builds trust.



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October was awesome!

Hey guys, Keith here.


I hope you had a Great October!

So many things were going on here!


The Biggest thing was the LevelUp Landscaping Webinar.  2 days of lots of fun with friends!  You can get the replay by clicking here!


We're planning another one at the first of the year - I hope you'll be there.


October's podcasts - 

How I Deal with Elderly Customers in My Landscaping Business

"Elderly people are amazing. They're to be respected and honored. That's how you deal with elderly people. If you keep that first in your thoughts, then everything else will fall into place."

- Keith Kalfas


  How Much Should I Charge Hourly Landscaping Jobs?

Before you promise the customer something amazing, you better be very careful about that, that you're inspecting what they expect and you're clarifying the expectations like I've even gone and I'll get a shovel or get some shrub trimmers. I'll do an area for free just a small area...

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Jill's Office Grew My Landscaping Business!


Hey guys, you know that running a landscaping business can be a truly rewarding adventure. You get to work with nature and make your clients' dreams come true.

However, one challenge that I face, like many other landscaping entrepreneurs, is the phone ringing non-stop.

And the most crazy part is that my phone rings at the worst possible times!

It doesn’t matter if they are new customers, existing customers who have questions or concerns, or even former customers who are looking for my assistance; my phone was always ringing non-stop and it drove me to the point where I can no longer take it.

I love my business, and I deeply value my clients, but finding a balance in this constant phone ringing dilemma was essential. I reached a point where I was intentionally avoiding my business line.  That's not a good sign, but I found the solution!

I’d considered hiring a receptionist to handle my calls, but was hesitant. My business might not have been at...

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Only 4 days left for the 50% off discount!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog - please let me know if there's something special you want to see here!

First thing I need to talk about is that the GIE Expo is from October 17th-20th.

Equip Exposition is an annual event that helps landscapers, hardscapers, manufacturers, and dealers grow their businesses. Find the newest and best products and pit them against each other at 1,000 exhibits.

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 August's videos - 

Lots of videos last month - from property walkthroughs to seeing me at my in-laws.  


Property Maintenance & Shrub Trimming (All Work No Talk)

This was a fun job!


Overgrown Property Cleanup | How I "WRITE UP" a $2,750 Quote

When I walk a customer's property, I'm attentive, confident, and a good listener. I practice something called "spin selling." It's about asking lots of questions to understand...

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July’s highlights


They’re saying the first two weeks of July were the Earth's hottest on human record!  I hope you’re well, and making killer money this season!



 I wanted to let you know about the latest videos I’ve made – starting with how my $700 Minimum is working in my Landscaping Business.  The psychology of this is amazing, and you won’t believe how new customers are reacting to it. 


Next, this guy is AMAZING – he removes 2 MONSTER pine trees in just SIX Minutes!!  You won’t believe it!  Watch it here: 


We did a $4,050 Garden Bed Makeover – I was ALMOST finished – and found out there was a mistake!

See it here: 




Your Customers Are Not Your Friends


Click here to go to the podcast!

Let's be honest. When we are prospecting for a customer, we...

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How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

After running my landscaping business for the past 12 years, I've picked up a lot of valuable lessons regarding managing my thinking as well as my finances. 

In today's article, I want to talk about how much you, as the owner of a service business, should pay yourself.

Disclaimer: The information I  that I share with you in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. I'm telling you what I know as of May 2023, but it's important to remember that laws and rules can change.

I highly suggest talking to a qualified professional, like an accountant or lawyer, if you want advice that is specific to your situation. I make no guarantees or promises of any kind, either directly or indirectly, about how full, accurate, reliable, or appropriate the information I give is. If you use this knowledge as a guide, you do so at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage or loss that comes from using this blog post or...

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Jobber - My Favorite Features

In the world of landscaping. Getting things done efficiently and making clients happy is very important. Having a software with all of the functions needed to run your business smooth and organized is a necessity. Jobber has completely changed the way I run my business. Let me tell you how...

I've been using a CRM software called Jobber for 4 years now and it's truly helped my automate parts of my landscaping business  

Theres a powerful feature that  Automates Scheduling and Follow-up and it's become my some of my favorite parts of Jobber. It makes following up with my customers easier, helps me stay organized, and allows me to provide the best customer service to my clients.

Let me explain how these features have made a big difference in my landscaping journey. 

Oh!  By the way, you should take advantage of their trial period by clicking here right now.

Jobber's auto scheduling feature saves you time by suggesting the best times for appointments based...

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Why I Use Jobber & You Should Too

Starting a business is no easy feat, but running one is even harder. In the service industry, there are seemingly hundreds of things to keep track of. If you try to keep track of. If you do it all manually, you are going to lose things and miss deadlines. If you want to be successful, you have to be organized.

When you first figure out how to get clients and start sending them invoices, you might not think that keeping up with those clients or invoices is all that much work. Although when you, hopefully, become more successful and have dozens or hundreds of clients, those things get very hard to keep track of and it can take ages to schedule and later invoice all of those jobs.

After I got tired of running ragged trying to do this all myself, I found Jobber. While it still gave me the ability to send invoices and talk with customers, it streamlined the whole process and was a literal game changer for my business. Although I am not the only one, there are thousands of businesses...

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