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Overcoming Struggles in Life 


Hey, what's up, it's Keith Kalfas with the Untrapped Podcast and KeithKalfas.com. I'm listening to this audiobook, and there's a quote by Albert Einstein.  He said,

"Only two things in this universe are infinite. One the universe, and two, human stupidity."


I want to call this talk, "Walk the line."

It's about walking the line and having integrity with yourself, with your heart, and with your soul in your life because there's really no other way to go.

Do you ever notice parking lot lines?

Check this out. Your goal in walking the line is to get all the way to the end by that green grass over there. You see all these are all detours.


So you're walking this line, right? You're walking man. I'm walking this tightrope, right? It's so hard. It's so difficult you like a spring chicken. You can't even balance your suffering.

Parking lot lines are a great example showing how you can walk in & out of dead-ends

Well, what happens when you're walking this line you get caught up on a detour, oops and you come this way. Where does it lead you? It leads you to a dead end. You get let too many dead ends in life and you're sitting here. There's nowhere to go besides a dead-end road and you can sit there and cry, whine and complain because it's hard over here. It sucks over here and eventually, you have to get back up and get back on your mission. And walk the line. You're walking the line.

Nope. Nope.

Look there's another detour. Another dead-end that sucks you down in your life. It could be a toxic family member or a toxic friend. It could be your own toxic psychology. It could be your own issues that you carry with you everywhere you go. We all have them I have them and now you're at another dead-end and you can sit here for another month. You can sit here for the next 10 years. You can sit on this dead-end your entire life. It's too hard. You say to yourself when you are at this dead-end,

"I'll never get there. I'll never get there"

I want to tell you something. Check this out...

Finally, you get the courage to get back up and walk the line. And you walk that line. And it's hard. You can't balance. You are like a spring chicken, right? And it's so difficult sometimes when life just throws crap right at you.

You have to deal with and learn how to work through and overcome the things that keep you up all night. The things that stress you out the anxieties. The uncertainties will pull you down more dead ends. You get where I'm going with this, right? All these frickin dead ends, man.


I got an awesome client that I am working for. He's an old-school Greek guy. I sit in his office with him when I'm getting paid and we talk about life for a few minutes and he's old school. He says,

"let me tell you something Keith, most of everybody you know in life is full of it."


I like that I learn more and more every day. I learned that my client is right. Because the more you learn and grow in life and in this world, the more you become aware that the people that you once looked up to are full of it too. I know now that they sometimes we're just full of it.


So you gotta walk your own line and walk into your own purpose.

But here's what happens. You start to walk and you go up. I've been down that road before and you start to get that sixth sense and you just go up. You tell yourself that you're going to get there. You're going to get there because now you've learned. You've been ripped off. You've been scammed and you've been screwed by the system. Right? So you walked a line.


But what happens when you end up down another dead end and when you thought you were on your mission? Now you went up all the way and back down here again to yet another dead-end.

All right, and now you're frustrated. You're beaten up because you've come all this way. 

You have so far to go and now you're sitting. Another dead end in your life again. And this time you give up. You are throwing the towel in. People go into depression, turn to drugs, and alcohol or whatever. It might be that you can't even get out of bed for a month. Maybe you've lost everything and went bankrupt. Maybe a person that you love left you or something horrible happened and now you're stuck in a hole that and you'll never be able to dig yourself out of. You're at a permanent dead end. You can sit there forever and be stuck there. It's going to be hard because now you've crossed the Rubicon at the point of no return. How are you going to get back?


Maybe it sets you all the way back to the beginning. Things happen to you in life that can put you all the way back not only at square one, but deeply in debt too.

Now you're way over there dude, how are you ever going to get back?

The knowledge and the wisdom that you've learned along the way is so important because you can get back faster. So you force yourself to get up. You get out of the depression. You get out of your job and get a new job. You start your business up again. You settle the bankruptcy.


Whatever that horrible thing is, get out of it. Amazing things happen when you fully commit 100%. When you really get out, there are two amazing books you should read called:

Outwitting the Devil and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

When I read these books, I find myself feeling definite in my purpose. I really like David Deida too. He says,

"lock yourself in a room with a notepad and pen and don't come out until you know your purpose."

Because once you become purpose-driven, like in the book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, then you can't develop discernment and you can't be pulled in so many directions anymore caught up in the swirl. That swirl is what will take you and suck you down like a whirlpool. Like I said toxic people and maybe you're toxic self.

You are becoming more definite. So now when an opportunity that you may have taken on before you're like,

"I'm not doing on that. Screw that. This opportunity is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's crap."

I've been there before walking right down into another dead end. But then I remembered I was at a dead-end before that I found a way around. That knowledge from previous experiences that I learned from helps me bounce back quick because I have been there before. I know what it feels like, and I don't want to go back.


The finish line will be like sunshine on your face and green grass where the money grows. You hit the finish line and you have arrived. You can get that moment. One day when you're on vacation or maybe you found the love of your life. Maybe you've spread a bunch of money out across your mattress and you jump into it like a pile of leaves.

I actually got the chance to do that like a couple of years ago for the first time in my life.

I realized though that it was an empty feeling as though this isn't what I thought it would be right. It's not a lot of money. It's just as a goal for me. You hit a level of gratitude one day where you wake up and you cry. I broke down crying over the winter while plowing snow. I bawled my frickin eyes out.

"Oh my God. Thank you, God."

I've never been so grateful in my life because it hits you like a ton of bricks that your dream is beginning to happen in front of your own eyes. But really look how far you had to come and all the stuff you had to go through to get there. People will look at all your successes and they'll just invalidate you. Stay away from them as long as you can.  Keep yourself far from that. It is just their projections of fears that they want to project onto you.

Mother Teresa said,

"if you build a large structure or castle, people will tear it down. If you love unconditionally, people will break your heart. Love anyway. Build anyway."

If you have great ideas, people will knock them down. Sometimes they don't even realize they are doing it. In the end, it was never between you and them. It's between you and your creator. Right, whoever your creator is to you. In the end, it's all about your purpose and your mission. So walk your line.


There's one more thing that I want to say. You were actually way down there on the other side on the other end. You're a higher self now. Say to yourself,

"Come on Joe. Come on, Mike. Come on, Bob. You can do it, you could do it." 

But you're all the way back here going saying . . .

"I can't do it, it is too hard. Oh my god, I'm running on no sleep."

You're a mess, right? And that's real grown-ass man or woman. Life is really hard. Sometimes it's really hard. We're not special. Everybody goes to the same ship. We actually live in the greatest time right now with everything at our fingertips. 

Stay away from the temptation of getting sucked into stupid crap. Don't let yourself get caught up in getting sidetracked or running into more dead ends. That's the temptation. The temptation will eat you alive.


Walk your line because you are a good man. I know it's hard because sometimes you want to step off the line, right? But just stay focused, you'll get there. Know your purpose. Your purpose is to evolve. Evolution like shedding a snake's skin. Evolution is painful because it's growing pains. We all go through them. I go through them.


Walk your line. No matter what. Time is on your side. Have the ability to be able to understand. The sooner you start walking that line not getting caught up in this stupid crap, and all these detours and dead ends, the sooner things will start to work out for you.


So now I feel very much like a man and very in control of my thoughts, my business, and my household. There's still a part of my psychology that's a kid and I don't know what that is yet. I get insecure about it sometimes but maybe it's not a bad thing. Maybe it's a good thing because you don't want to be that guy, right?

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Final thoughts

Stay grounded and on your path to success. Although there are many roadblocks and dead-ends, there is always a way around them. If I can do it from being dirt poor, living in homeless shelters as a child, being homeless as an adult, and not having anyone or anything to turn to, then you can do it too. Every person and situation is different.  Just don't let it consume you.  Surround yourself with people who uplift you and motivate you to achieve your goals. Find the strength to push through. Find your path of least resistance. Every rose has its thorn. You have the choice of whether you want to keep getting pricked. Be the best version of yourself.


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