How to Go Full-Time in Your Lawn Care Business

landscaping Aug 27, 2020

Anytime someone starts a side hustle, they normally enjoy it. Most people would give anything to make their side hustle their main job, but they are terrified of an uncertain paycheck. It is totally understandable. Millions of people build their simple lives off of a guaranteed paycheck each and every week, but some of those people work ten times as hard when they are off the clock. If you are pouring your heart and soul into a side hustle, why would you not want to take it on as your full-time job? As you will soon find out, money is not the problem. Once you lay the foundation of a successful business, it is easy to expand it and make more money than you ever thought possible. 

Fear of Losing Guaranteed Money

I get it, getting a guaranteed paycheck every week is comforting. It takes a special kind of fate to throw away what is a sure thing for something that is volatile. It is even scarier when you have people that depend on you financially, but once you break it down, it is easy to see how you can make even more money in your landscape business than you would at your day job. 

Just think, you probably make most of your money in your landscape business during the weekend, when you have the most time. If you are doing everything right, you probably make more per day on the weekend than you do per day at your normal job. So if you could have more time during the week, you could also make more on those days as well! With forty more hours per week, you have so much more time to put into your business. You can cut more lawns, work on acquiring new clients, and do other admin work.

What It Takes to Make up That Guaranteed Money

Let’s say, for example, you make $500 per week after taxes at your day job. What would it take to make up that $500? Well just think, if you charge $25 per lawn, you would need to cut 4 more lawns per weekday to make up that money. How long would it take you to cut those lawns? 1 hour? 4 hours? Regardless it is much lower than 8 hours. It is a little crazy to realize that you can replace that income so easily, but it really is THAT easy. Just spend a few hours a day replacing your day job income, and then the extra 5+ hours you have is the gravy on the top! You could take that time to cut more lawns, work on marketing and client acquisition, or keep your income at the same level, and get to spend more time at home with your family.

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Getting More Clients to Fill the Extra Time

Another important thing you should be doing with that time is finding ways to increase your revenue without increasing workload. What I mean is raising prices on new or existing customers. Just because you have a lot more time to take on clients, does not mean you should take anyone and everyone you can. Take in the high paying clients and offer more services to your existing clients. You can start to expand your expertise to things like, raking, cleaning gutters, shoveling snow, pressure washing, or whatever else you can think of. There are no limits when it comes to entrepreneurship.

When you are trying to get more clients, the best place to look it your current client list. These are people that are already familiar with you and hopefully like your work. You can pitch your new services to them and also ask them if they know anyone that would need your services. A service recommended by a family friend is much more likely to convert than a random sign in a subdivision.  

Another simple yet very effective strategy to use is what is called a “5 around”. This is when you go to one client's house, and then knock on the doors of the 5 people around them and say hello my name is Keith Kalfas and I do landscaping for your neighbor Ms.Smith, is there anything I can do for you?  

Taking It Slow If You Want To

I understand what a jump it can be to quit your job in favor of your side hustle. So if you want to take it slow, you totally can. Consider going part-time at your job if that is possible, or taking a week or two off if possible and testing things out. It is smart to be cautious about your financial stability, but you have to be confident in yourself. If you know you do good work and you are determined to make it work, then you will have no problem succeeding. The important thing is that you stay on good terms with your employer. That way if you do quit and then fail, you can always go back.  

Give It a Shot or Regret It Later

Happiness is the most important thing on Earth. You could stay at your boring job that you probably do not like and may even hate, or you can do what you love. Having your own business and making it successful is one of the most rewarding things there is. Bottom line, you need to do what makes you happy. If you are happy with your day job and hustling on the weekends, then keep it that way. Although if you hate getting up for that job every day, take the leap of faith in yourself and go full time in your landscape business before you regret never taking that chance.


Long story short, you should not be scared of losing your guaranteed income. Once you break the numbers down it is easy to see how you can replace your day job income. All you have to do is cut a few extra lawns and then you have so much more time to expand. You can start providing new services and acquiring higher-paying clients. Although I know it sounds scary, so try taking it slow at first, and do a trial run if at all possible. The most important thing is your happiness. Whether you stay at your job or turn your landscape business into a full-time gig, do what makes you truly happy.