The ExMark Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower Series

exmark Dec 07, 2020

In my opinion, ExMark makes some of the best zero-turn lawnmowers on the market. Personally, I have used their products for well over a decade, and after seeing the quality of their most recent mowers, I do not see that changing anytime soon. I have been using the ExMark Radius X-Series for a while now and I wanted to lay out everything I like about this mower for those of you looking into buying a new zero-turn mower. 

ExMark has three mowers in this series, the E, S, and X. Between all three of these models and their customizations, there is one for everyone. Whether you are a homeowner with a medium to a large yard, or just starting out your lawn care business, or are a larger lawn care company, I highly suggest these ExMark mowers, plus they are super fun. They are even doing a giveaway in 2021 that you can learn more about here

What I Like About My ExMark Radius X-Series

There are a lot of great things about this mower and I could honestly go on for hours, but here are my absolute favorite things about this mower. Also, check out my video about this mower on FaceBook!

Lower Center of Gravity

The way that they have engineered this new mower gives it a much lower center of gravity. For example, instead of having great big fuel tanks on the sides like most mowers, this mower has them tucked up under the seat. This makes the mower more stable, and safer to drive on inclines, like when you have to cut on steep hills or ditches. This feature combined with others makes this mower series resistant to rollovers, and in the case of a rollover, you are still protected by the overhead roll bar.

Heavy-Duty Body

The frame of this mower is also built to withstand anything you could put it through. It is built from fully-welded 2-inch by 3-inch frame tubes that are sure to stay sturdy throughout its life. They also included a large overhead roll bar to increase safety when you are cutting on an incline. Now they already added to this safety feature with the lower center of gravity, but if you want to get really crazy with the angles you are cutting, you are still going to be protected by their Adjustable Rollover Protection System(ARPS).

Tire and Casters

It does not take long to notice how well made the tires are on this mower. They are thick and grip the ground very well. Which again adds to this mower’s handling capabilities. Between the low center of gravity and these tires, the handling on this mower is very smooth and reliable. 

Secondly, the casters on the front of this mower are super thick and durable. They will definitely last a long time and will probably outlast the heavy-duty back tires.

Seat Suspension 

Another nice thing about this mower is how comfortable it is to sit in. Instead of sitting on a stiff, rigid seat, this seat makes you feel like you are sitting IN it. It is made from really comfortable material and most importantly, it has a suspension system. So instead of hitting those hidden holes in a client’s yard full force to your back, these seats lessen the load with three inches of variable suspension. Since landscapers spend a lot of time on their mowers, I would consider comfort to be one of the most important things about a mower.

Easy to Work On

While these mowers are good quality, every mower needs a little work every now and then, not to mention the routine maintenance you should be performing periodically. This mower features a tools-free removable footrest that eases access to the top-side of the cutting deck, and tool-less removable belt shields provide easier access to belts and spindles. A welded jack receiver on the Radius frame allows for easier service to the bottom side of the deck when combined with the optional jack.

The Floating Deck

The X-Series has a really nice floating deck system that makes it super easy to adjust the cutting height of the mower. The whole system is really user-friendly and makes it quick to adjust deck height on the fly.

Ultra Vac System

ExMark also makes a bagger system to go with their zero-turn mowers that is amazing. I use it to suck up tons of leaves for my clients and it works like a dream. ExMark zero-turn catchers are emptied by pulling a lever conveniently located near the mowers seat. The dump lever is easy to pull and gives a secure and positive spring-like feel when the door is latched and locked into place. 


Lightning Speed

The X-Series is super fast! They can reach speeds as fast as 10 miles per hour and the cheapest selection in the series, the base E-Series, goes as fast at 8 miles per hour. As safe as these mowers are, being able to zoom around on them not only helps you finish the job much faster but it is super fun as well.


Series Lineup Differences

Since there are a lot of options with these mowers, here is a small breakdown of what you get with each mower. What you get in the E will also be in the S and X, and what you get in the S will also be in the X.