Why I Think Exmark Mowers Are AMAZING

exmark Sep 11, 2022

If you are serious about landscaping, or run your own landscaping business, a quality mower is a must. As a business owner of a successful landscaping business, I have had plenty of mowers over the years. I actually have multiple for my crew to use. So I have gotten exposed to just about every brand out there and tried most of them first hand. The one mower that I have always relied on, was my Exmark.

If you spend more hours on a mower than you do on your couch, then you need to read this article. When I first started out landscaping, getting my mower to run reliably was one of my biggest stressors. If you are in that same boat, or don’t love your current mower, let me show you just how great of a time I have had with my Exmark mowers.

I Have Been Using Them My Whole Life

Like I mentioned before, I have been using Exmark mowers for a very long time. I have spent thousands of hours on an Exmark seat and after all of that I can confidently say they are my mower of choice. Like any mower, I have had to fix plenty of things that broke, but that is just a fact of life. You are never going to buy a mower you don’t have to fix after a while. That being said, these mowers are super easy to repair, and getting the parts to fix them is even easier, but we will talk more about that later.

So why do I like them so much? Well the quality is top notch. Every part of my Exmark mower is designed to be sturdy and with the user in mind. The body of my zero turn is heavy duty and made to take a beating. It also has a low center of gravity which makes the mower safer and easier to drive on inclines.The back tires can grip onto anything and the casters on the front are thick and durable. Plus the seat itself on this mower is super comfortable to sit in thanks to Exmark’s seat suspension system.

Exmark Mowers Are for Everyone

Another great thing about Exmark is that they have options for everyone. These are not just mowers for professionals, they are also for the average joe. They have everything from a basic push mower, to the top of the line zero turn. There is something for everyone, and the Exmark quality is unbeatable. I use one of their zero turns every day, but we will go over their total line up at the end of the article.

OEM Parts on Demand

One of the best parts about Exmark is their OEM parts. You can buy Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) parts from Exmark in one of two ways. You can call them and place an order, and they will be shipped to your local dealer, or you can order them online and have them shipped to your house.

Calling Exmark is super easy and it is a good way to get some help picking out a part if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for. Their customer support is top notch and I am sure you will have a good experience. Although if you know the exact part that you need, just go online and search for it on their website and it can be shipped right to you in a matter of days.

You can also get OEM parts for your Exmark mower from any shop that sells Exmarks. There are actually a ton of places selling Exmark mowers since they have become so popular. That means you can get parts just about anywhere. You just always want to make sure that they are Exmark OEM parts before you buy. 

Why OEM Parts Are So Important

Why does it matter that you buy OEM parts? Well, no one can make parts for your Exmark mower like Exmark themselves. They have very strict tolerances for their parts, and they are the best parts you are going to be able to find. Plus, they are so easy to find, you may as well get them sent to you.

Trust me, you will want OEM parts so that you are not buying another part and fixing your mower again in a few weeks. That is unacceptable if you run a landscaping business. Every minute you spend fixing a mower is a minute you are not making money on a job. OEM parts are better suited to last, and you can be sure that once you install an OEM part, it will last just as  long if not longer than the original part that came on your mower.

Exmarks Lineup

So now that you know a little bit more about Exmark and their OEM parts, I thought I would show you a few of the mowers they have available. Exmark has a ton of mower options, so I will only be scratching the surface here. Personally I use an X-series zero turn from Exmark. I wrote a whole article about it that you can read here. Let’s get started with the most basic option, a push mower.

Commercial 21 S-Series

This self propelled push mower is perfect for the person who doesn't need a huge mower, but still wants something nice to cut their grass. It has a 21 inch deck and comes with a catch bag that easily comes off and on when you need to dump it. This mower also has a variable speed transmission, and can go as fast as 4.2 mph. You can even adjust your deck height and mulch with this mower.

Quest E-Series

This is a mower made for homeowners who need to cut a lot of grass. It can go up to 7 mph and cut 2.8 acres of grass in an hour. This zero turn is very affordable too, costing just under $4,000. It is packed with all of the high quality parts that come standard with the Exmark name. This is the top of the line for residential mowing, and it is a good entry level mower for a professional.

Radius X-Series

This is the mower that I am currently running. This thing is awesome in my opinion. It  comes with a higher price tag than the E-series, but it also comes with a lot better features. For starters, it has a beeffier motor, a huge deck, high quality tiers that grip onto anything, and a super comfortable seat. There is a lot more I could talk about in this motor, but you should really go check it out on Exmark.com for yourself. Alternatively, you can read my article about the X-series here.