The Keith Kalfas Entrepreneur Bundle

black friday bundle Nov 24, 2022

This year I am promoting one hell of a deal for all of my followers. I decided to make one mega bundle that I call the Entrepreneur Bundle. This bundle includes all of my courses that thousands of people have used to accelerate their businesses. If you added up the prices of these courses individually, this bundle would cost well over $2,500 but during this holiday season, I am only charging $247 for everything.

The amount of content you will get in this bundle is mind-boggling. There are hundreds of hours of content across all of these courses where I share everything I have learned on my long and hard journey of building a six-figure landscaping business. Plus a lot of this content shows you how to run a small business, which you can take and apply to any industry, not just landscaping.

In this article, I am going to go over everything that is included in this bundle and show you just how much you will benefit from it. I will go through each course and explain the nuances behind it, and if you want you can purchase them individually. However, I recommend grabbing the bundle before this offer expires.

High-Profit Landscape Secrets Course

When you first start out landscaping, you will take just about any job you can get. Although you will eventually run out of hours in the day and your income will hit a cap. So you then need to make more money in the same amount of time. This course will teach you how to charge more money for your jobs and teach you everything you need to know about landing high-ticket landscaping jobs. If you use the tips in this course effectively, this course will pay for itself in a single job.

A key piece of this course is the in-depth property walks. I take you around multiple homes that I have done work on and show you exactly what to look for to find more work. Once you see these examples, you will see just how easy it is to find a couple more $100+ jobs on a large property. Then once you bring this to the customer’s attention, you will routinely be making more money on the same property.

One thing that is more important than following an example is learning how to think about it yourself. In this course, I teach you how to think about these things and how to identify them for yourself. So not only are you looking for the few examples I show, but you will be able to identify jobs that I never even thought of on a property before.

Lastly, this course has a major mindset component. It takes a lot to run a business, and in this course, I tell you a few things that may be holding you back and what you can do to fix it. A major component of a healthy mindset is having the right systems in place. So I also teach you how to implement systems effectively into your business. 

Business Marketing Blueprint

As a small business owner, it can be hard enough to do the service your business provides. There is no need for you to waste a ton of time and money trying to figure out marketing all alone. In this course, Keith Kalfas along with 4 other experts, go through everything you need to market your small business, step by step.

The most valuable part of this course is the solid background information you get about marketing. For many people, marketing is a big ugly monster that they battle with on a daily basis, but that is mainly because they have a fundamental misunderstanding of how it works. So in this course, I do my best to break down marketing into an easy to understand tool instead of a chore.

The largest part of this course is centered around marketing across all platforms. We spend a healthy amount of time talking about exactly how to set up your Google business listing, which is possibly the most important marketing you could do. Then we go over how to make that business listing rank with the help of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

I also talk about how to use a basic marketing funnel. Once you get your business off the ground, you will be spending most of your time working and not knocking on doors, so a marketing funnel is extremely important for bringing in customers when you are busy with other work. We also touch on email marketing, which is still a successful tool in 2021.

Lastly, there is an interview with an expert graphic designer. I know that most landscapes are not artists on the computer, but if you want to be an effective online marketer, you absolutely need to know how to do some basic graphic design.

Landscaping Start Up Course

Trust me, I know exactly how hard it can be to start your own landscaping business and make it successful. I did it with virtually zero money, but I made up for it in sheer determination along with trial and error. Although since I had to learn the industry lessons by fire, there is no need for you to. With this course, you can accelerate your business and get it off the ground much faster than I did.

The most important part of a business is the beginning. If you start building a project, and your base is not built right, eventually it will fall. So in this course, we start with learning the fundamentals of how a business should work. We go through everything step by step and learn how you can run a legit and legal business. This also includes learning what sort of equipment you do and do not need, so you know where to spend your money and do not waste it in the beginning.

Then we learn how to sell your services. Learning how to talk to people that you have never met and then trying to sell them something is extremely hard. It takes a bit of practice but this course is filled with tips and strategies that you can use to not only talk to but also convince soon to be customers.

Then you just have to get more customers and start filling your schedule. There are multiple parts of this course that will help with that, but one of the main things we talk about is Craigslist. Craigslist is still very popular and people are on there looking for services just like yours, so I share everything I know about the platform.

I also do a few property walks and teach you how to price your jobs. This is especially hard at the start because landscapers are afraid that they will be turned down if their prices are too high. I help you understand that this is okay and teach you what to do when that happens.

Lastly, there are multiple interviews with experts in the landscaping industry. These guys sit down with me and talk all about their business while giving awesome bits of actionable advice to the viewer, you. These experts have earned millions in the landscaping industry, and I am very thankful they took the time to help you guys out.

Marketing ROI Course

In this course, there are hours of recorded keynote speeches from some of the top names in the business. They talk all about their marketing tactics and exactly how you can use them to make your business perform so much better without ever needing to hire a marketer.

One major component of this course is learning how to generate more leads. A lead is someone that may be interested in your services and you have gathered their email or phone number. Then once you have that email or phone number, what do you send them to make them convert into customers? Well, that is the age old question that we help you answer in this course.

This also includes a phone selling formula that we have used time and time again to bring in customers. When you can get someone on the phone and actually talk to them, you have nearly already sold them, you just have to implement this one formula and you will get conversions.

Then you can also get customers to leave you reviews on your Google business listing. Which is why the Google 3-Pack is something we focus on in this course. Creating your listing will make you show up in a google search for your area. Then we go over just how to increase your rankings and get even more people to click through your free listing.

Then we go over just how to make your business legit and legal. This is something that many landscapers do not think is super important when you are getting started, but this is extremely important and you will be happy you did it.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for this course. The Marketing ROI course is HUGE and there are dozens of hours of content in it alone. If I had to pick just one course, I would say that this one carries the most value out of all of my courses.

The Window Cleaning Blueprint Course

Window cleaning is a slept on industry. It is so easy to spend less than $100 at home depot and then have everything you need to make $500 a day cleaning windows. I did this for years as a supplement to my landscaping business and it has produced a ton of income for me.

Of course in this course, I am going to show you everything you need in order to start a business like this. One of the most important sections of this course is the “5 Key Components of Business”. In this section, I teach you all about how the business should work, how to make the marketing convert, how to get a good foundation of people, and how to implement effective systems in your business.

Then we dive into how to sell and book jobs. This is the hardest part for many people, so this step by step guide is extremely helpful. We talk about how to observe the market, and then how to build quality communication and rapport with the customer. This helps you build a reliable customer base that you can use time and time again to produce reliable income.

Lastly, I take you on a few property walks and show you exactly how to price jobs. Price jobs is a skill that you will have to work on over years, but with the tips in this course, you can have a huge head start. Of course, I also add in a ton of little tips into the course throughout all of the sections, but this really is a turn key system for building a $500 a day window cleaning business.

Social Media Explosion Course

This course focuses heavily on YouTube and branding. YouTube is an awesome tool that I do not think enough landscapers take advantage of. It can be easy to just go out and do your job and be done with it, but if you make a few videos along the way and post them online, the returns could be amazing.

I go through exactly how to do that in this course. Then we talk about exactly what you need to do with your brand in order to do well online. This is extremely important. You want people to be able to have customers identify your brand online without having to pay too much attention. This leads to many more conversions because people actually recognize you and your business.

I had done this wrong for a long time, and then I sat down with a professional online marketer and he blew my mind. Granted I spent a lot of money to get this guy on the phone, but after learning this life-changing information, I thought I should put it into a course and charge a fraction of what I paid for it.

Long story short, I traveled a bumpy road to get to where I am. I messed up alot, but eventually, I figured it out. Even though I am still learning, all of this information in this course can save a new landscaper thousands of hours of work and mistakes. That is why I wanted to make this course so that I could help landscapers and internet marketers just like you avoid all the mistakes I made.

If you ever want to put your business on YouTube, you need to watch this course so that you do it right the first time. Otherwise, you could spend a whole lot of time and money trying to fix the mistakes you made in the beginning.

Bonus Items

There are also a few bonus items that I included in this bundle that I think you will love.

The first item is one of my favorite Ebooks I have produced. It is called “Your First Year in Landscaping”. It goes over everything that you should do in your first year as a landscaper and really helps you build a solid foundation for a healthy business.

Like I mentioned before, I have made plenty of mistakes while in the landscaping business, and many of them could have been avoided if I had only known the information that I eventually put into this book. Plus you will also get an audio book version.

The next item you will get is the Ebook for the Window Cleaning Blueprint. You are already getting the course for this topic, but I wanted to make sure that you had that information in every format that I had available.

Lastly, I will be including the Mini Marketing ROI course. This is a smaller course that gives people a taste of what Marketing ROI is before they make the purchase. Of course, you are already going to have the full Marketing ROI course, but there is still some good information in the mini course that I think you would benefit from.


All and all, this bundle is a deal I may never do again. It includes dozens of hours of videos of how to run a business from the ground up. I have spent decades learning all of this information and with this course, you could learn it all in less than a month. I hope you see just how valuable this course is and take advantage of this limited time offer. If you want to see a little bit more about the bundle, check out the page below.