Why I Use ExMark Mowers

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2021

I have used ExMark mowers for years and I have been very impressed with not only the mowers but the company as a whole. They make awesome mowers that are super high quality, and they have a mower for everyone. They are easy to work on and easy to get parts for. Plus, you will definitely have the best mower in the neighborhood if you are riding on an ExMark. Let’s take a look at exactly what I love about ExMark mowers.

They Make Quality Mowers

Everything on an ExMark has been optimized for performance. Their parts are made to prevent failures, and if they do fail they are easy to replace. Their hydro drive system is “painless” because it is designed in a way that eliminates hoses and other typical failure points. Plus the tow valves can be operated without the use of tools.

Their ultra-cut deck is just amazing. Their top-tier engineering ensures that the cut always looks good, and more importantly, the mower keeps cutting. These mowers have been optimized to reduce downtime, but every mower is going to break eventually. When they do break, you need to be able to fix them, which brings up another awesome quality of ExMark mowers.

You Can Get Replacement Parts Nearly Anywhere

A great thing about ExMark is that you can get replacement parts nearly anywhere. These mowers will accept OEM parts, which is not always the case with expensive mowers. If your mower breaks down and you need to special order the part, it could take weeks to come in. By then your grass is twice as tall!

You can also get ExMark brand parts from any store that carries ExMark mowers. While they can take OEM parts, it is always better to use parts specifically designed for the mower. The best part is that most stores around the country carry ExMark parts because tons of people buy Exmarks. Since they are so popular, you can certainly find a replacement part the same day whether it is OEM or ExMark brand. 

They Make a Mower for Everyone

ExMark is a versatile company and they truly have something for everyone. They have a basic push mower, the best zero turn on the market, and everything in between. I use their zero-turn nearly every day and I love it, but there are three different trims and each one has its benefits.

The radius mowers are fairly similar, but you will pay a little more for some better features. So first I will cover the basic features and then point out what you get for upgrading.

To start off, all of these mowers have a frame made of fully-welded 2-inch by 3-inch frame tubes. The Radius frame design places major components including the engine, hydro drive, and fuel tank lower, for better mass centralization. This gives the Radius increased hillside traction and stability, with heightened maneuverability.

Next is ExMark’s remarkable UltraCut Deck technology. This tech is exclusively on the radius models of their zero-turns. Every UltraCut cutting deck features Exmark’s exclusive maintenance-free, sealed-bearing spindle assemblies for increased durability and reduced downtime, combined with zero maintenance.

These mowers also have quite the engine on them. You can get models with a 20.5 HP motor, up to a 25 HP motor. Let me tell you, these things fly. The slowest of these mowers can go 9+ miles per hour, and the fastest pushes 12 miles per hour. That makes it really easy to cut a whole lot of grass in a short amount of time.

Those are the three biggest features of these Radius mowers. Although there are other things that are pretty nice on these mowers. They have large caster wheels up front and beefy tires in the back. They also feature a “Quick Adjustable Rollover Protection System (ROPS)” which is the roll bar overhead. That thing can definitely save your life if you flip on a hill.

Lastly, it is super easy to adjust the cut height on these mowers because of ExMark’s patented height of cut system which is super user-friendly. Alright so that is all the basics, lets take a look at the specific mowers and what they offer.

The Radius E-Series is the cheapest of the lot and starts at $5,199. This is the base mower for these series, but it is still a super awesome mower. There are plenty of deck widths to choose from and engine sizes to choose from. This mower is really geared toward professional mowers that want a quality mower and do not want to spend a fortune. Which makes sense because these landscaping companies are going to need a lot of mowers, so the base model has an attractive price.

The Radius S-Series comes next and it starts at $7,399. This is the next step up from the base model. For the increased price you get a much better seating system, better rear tires, and a better but lower HP mower. This mower is a little more lighter duty than the E-Series. This makes it much more suitable for homeowners that want a super nice mower but do not need to cut dozens of acres every day.

The Radius X-Series is the top-tier mower in the series. It starts at $8,399 and has some nice features. It has all the improvements the S-Series has plus an even nicer and faster engine, and seating suspension system. This mower is really for everyone. It works well for a professional that wants a nice mower for his small fleet, or the homeowner that wants an extremely nice mower and has plenty of grass to cut.


All and all ExMark makes a great mower. If you use any mower a lot it is going to break eventually, but with ExMark you can always get replacement parts the same day. This is a huge advantage if you are a professional and it is really nice as a homeowner.

These mowers are really fast and cut super well. The UltraCut Deck technology gives you an even cut and it is engineered to keep your mower going. The motors are also very nice. They are made by Kawasaki and will keep running for a long time, not to mention their speed increases efficiency and productivity.

These mowers are great for everyone. The E-series has everything a professional would need, while also keeping the price down. The S-series is ideal for homeowners and is a lot more comfortable to sit on. The X-Series is the all-around best for everyone. It is sort of a catch-all mower that can get any job done.