Why Specializing in Something Like Pesticide Can Pay Off in Landscaping

Uncategorized May 06, 2024

 When you think about landscaping, you might think about mowing lawns or planting flowers. But there's more to it, like specializing in something specific, which can set you apart and help you make more money.


That's what Austin Douglas from Ditch The Itch Poison Ivy Mosquito Control will be talking about on the Untrapped Podcast.

Austin chose to focus on pesticide applications instead of general lawn care. This area needs more know-how and understanding about chemicals and bugs, which not everyone has. It's not just about using tools; it's about knowing what you're doing with them.

He started learning all this at a commercial nursery and then worked for a company that controlled poison ivy. He got his licenses and learned a lot about the business.


Austin says if you want to go into a special area like this, you need to be ready to learn a lot. This extra knowledge means you can charge more for your services because you offer something not just anyone can do.


The Benefits of Choosing a Niche in Landscaping

Choosing a special area like pesticide applications means less competition and the chance to earn more. Customers looking for these specific services understand the value of someone who knows what they're doing and are willing to pay more for it.

For anyone in landscaping, thinking about specializing could be a smart move. It's about finding a specific need and learning how to meet it well.

In short, Austin's talk shows there's a big chance in landscaping to grow and succeed by focusing on special skills. By learning more and getting the right skills, you can stand out and do better in your business.


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