Why I love Ballard Products

quality products Mar 10, 2022

(Kory & Lindsay Ballard)

When you run your own landscaping business, there are so many things that you need to buy and replace on a seemingly daily basis. There is always something that breaks or runs out and you have to order it or go out and get it. Personally, I prefer to buy a handful of the things I need at a time from Ballard inc. They have so many products for landscapers that it is honestly amazing. I always find exactly what I am looking for, and I can get all of my gear in one place.

So I wanted to take some time to show you a few things from Ballard and show you just what you could get from them. As always, I would never recommend a product or service that I do not 100% stand behind. I have known the owner, Kory Ballard, for a while now and I love the way he does business. Not to mention he sells quality products. I am going to start by looking at some of their mower-related gear, but if you want to go ahead and check it out for yourself, visit Ballard here and save 10%.   

Mower Gear

I'd like to start by saying that Ballard inc has thousands of products, and I am only going to scratch the surface. For your mower, they have just about everything you would ever need. For starters, they have everything you would need to wash your mower, which includes a foam cannon, a cleaning solution, and a power brush.

Next, they have things that will actually attach to your mower like, hitches, catch bags, aerators, carts, wheel lockers, LED light bars, blowers, support bars, stander seats, replacement wheels, and much more.

Mower Blades

A huge portion of their business is mower blades. These guys have a mower blade for everyone. It can be so annoying to go to the store and sift through all the different options, and then wind up going home with the wrong blade.

Their filter options and easy-to-use website make finding the perfect blade incredibly simple. I always use Ballard blades, and they have always worked well for me. If you want a 10% discount on your next blade, use my link here.

Trailer Gear

Next is the trailer gear. No trailer is complete without a good set of straps and additional storage. Ballard has everything you need in that department, including ratchet straps, toolboxes, wheel lockers, trailer hitch lock, trailer racks for all your tools, and even an EZ Gate piston that will close and open your trailer for you.

Apparel & Shoes

Ballard has a lot of apparel to pick from as well. From shirts to masks, hats, gloves, hearing protection, and even BlueTooth earplugs. Plus they also carry a nice line of shoes and shoes. They have Kujo shoes, which are super durable and affordable. Plus they have a giant K on them, which makes it a no-brainer purchase for Keith Kalfas.

Electric Sprayers

If you have a respectable landscaping business, you are bound to need a sprayer every now and again. Ballard has a couple of nice sprayers and even a sprayer rack attachment that you can put on your truck or trailer. Not only do they have the sprayers, but they also have small replacement parts like a nozzle, handle, wand, or battery.

Fuel Cages

If you or your employees are cutting multiple lawns in a single day, they will no doubt need a fuel can. To keep your company organized, and your fuel in a safe place, a Ballard Fuel Cage attached to your trailer is the way to go.

Safety Gear

Safety gear is huge on a job site. You always need all of the high-vis gear you can get to make sure your employees are as safe as possible. Lightbars can also increase your safety because the better you can see the more safe an area is. Ballard has all of the safety products you are going to need, and you can get them for 10% off if you use my link here.

Service Tools

You also need a healthy amount of service tools to run a landscaping business. This can be anything from tow ropes to super jacks, to the pro blaster under deck power washer attachment. Of course, Ballard has a variety of items in this category that could benefit your company but one of my favorites is the Leaf Llama.

Not only is the Leaf Llama fun to say, but it is also very useful. It is basically a 40-gallon bag that you can fill with leaves and carry to your disposal area. When you aren't using the leaf llama it tucks away compactly and you hardly even notice it's there. I think it is a must-have during the fall.

Snow Gear

Snow is so difficult to deal with. It gets everywhere and when you try to deal with it you get it everywhere. Nonetheless, Ballard has you covered. They have light-up snow markers, snow shovels, push shovels, and ice scrapers that you will likely need in below-freezing temperatures.

Trimmer Gear

Every landscaper has a trimmer or two on their trailer. If you have your trimmers laying on your trailer, you can go to Ballard for a nice trimmer rack attachment for your trailer. Otherwise, Ballard has a bunch of attachments and extras for your trimmer that you may want. If you need a rack to keep your line spool on, Ballard has it. If you need more trimmer line, Ballard has it. If you need a trimmer handle, Ballard has it. I hope you are picking up on the pattern. Get 10% off Ballard products here.

Truck Gear

A rusty truck is essential to any landscaping business. After you get your own magnetic signs to advertise your business, there are more things that you can add to your truck, and guess what, Ballard has them. You can get multiple truck rail systems that you can use to hold your trimmers or other equipment from Ballard. This way you save space on your trailer and you can hold even more equipment in the same space, which means you can provide more services at one time and make more money!

UTV Gear

UTVs are often fairly good for getting a job done quickly. Even still, you need to bring a fair amount of gear with you. So if you want to trick out your UTV, Ballard has everything you are going to need. Ballard has line trimmer racks, power lockers, backpack blower racks, hand tool racks, and even sprayer racks that you can attach to your UTV. You can also get a 10% discount if you use my special link.


Ballard also has a pro:play hydration concentrate that you can mix with water to make an awesome drink with a ton of electrolytes in it. Currently, they sell a lemon-lime flavor that I am a fan of, but they also have pro:play sticks that come in strawberry-mango that are amazing. They also have a magnetic cup holder that you can attach to your mower.

As you can see, Ballard has just about everything you need for a landscaping business. I rely on their products every single day and I am always ordering new things to keep my business running. I can vouch for the fact that Ballard Inc is a great company and they produce great products. If you want to get 10% off your next order, buy through my special link.