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 August's videos - 

Lots of videos last month - from property walkthroughs to seeing me at my in-laws.  


Property Maintenance & Shrub Trimming (All Work No Talk)

This was a fun job!


Overgrown Property Cleanup | How I "WRITE UP" a $2,750 Quote

When I walk a customer's property, I'm attentive, confident, and a good listener. I practice something called "spin selling." It's about asking lots of questions to understand exactly what the customer wants. Then, I take detailed notes of their requirements. Whether you write it down or commit it to memory like a seasoned waiter remembering a menu, the key is to record all the specifics.



"The Love that You Withhold is the Pain that You Carry"  Birthday party at the In-Laws

I've carried this fear and distance for too long. It's like they say, "The love you withhold is the pain you carry." So, I've decided to throw my heart over the bar, let my guard down, and fully embrace their love.


$700 Ornamental Tree Trimming & Shrub Trimming Job 🌳

We're looking at a $700 gig to trim all the bushes, tidy up the ornamental trees, and spruce up the garden beds. In the backyard, we've got a couple of big shrubs that need some attention, and the customer asked us to trim off a few pieces of dead wood from a crab apple tree.



How to Negotiate and Raise Prices in Your Landscaping Business without Being Afraid of Losing Client


My newest book is about to be out in paperback, 

17 Ways to Get More Landscaping Clients: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing a Landscaping Business

If you want to learn how to market your lawn and landscaping business. This book explains precisely what to do. From social media to paid advertising, to low-cost marketing strategies. This book is packed with actionable marketing advice.

I'll let you know when it's available!



Mowing and Life Priorities With Johnny Mow 

We're here to dive deep into the art of mastering time for life success. As the Johnny Mow once said, "It's all about your time. So the older I get, the more valuable my time is, and becoming a master of my time is critical to life success." In today's episode, we've got Keith and our special guest, Johnny, sharing their wisdom on time management, personal growth, and prioritization.

Why You Need to Earn a 50% Profit Margin on Every Single Job with Robert Gauvreau

In this episode we're about to uncover a game-changing principle with Robert Gauvreau. It's all about the 50% gross profit margin rule, a financial strategy that can revolutionize your business. Robert's here to shed light on how to know your project costs, double them, and achieve that golden 50% profit margin. This isn't just about numbers; it's about building a strong foundation for your entrepreneurial journey. Let's dive in!


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