Why You NEED to Be at the Huge Convention

the huge convention May 25, 2022

As a landscaper, pressure washer, or window cleaner, it is easy to get stuck in a “nose to the grindstone” mentality. Don’t get me wrong, you should be working as hard as you can, but every now and then you should take a step back to see if you can do anything in a better way than you are now.

That’s where the Huge Convention comes in. If you can carve out the time to attend this convention, I promise you will learn something new that can improve your business. Plus the cost of the time you lose and the price of your ticket will be quickly outweighed by the new money you are able to make with the knowledge you get from the speakers and vendors at the Huge Convention.


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What Is the Huge Convention?

The Huge Convention is the number one trade show in America for the home services industry. They live up to the name too, this is the largest convention you will find by far. They specialize in pressure washing and window cleaning, but they also have plenty of content for maid services, landscaping, gutters, and more!

What You Can Expect to See at the Huge Convention

For starters, the Huge convention is going to have over 130 vendors for you to meet and talk to. These are industry experts, and a savvy influencer could even swing a couple of free products to test out if you can strike up a deal. These industry leaders can help you with every aspect of your business.

There will also be plenty of keynote speakers there, and the information you can get out of those speeches can increase your business by as much as 10x! Plus there will be more than 30 break-out speakers, including me, that you can get a little more personal with. Plus there will be multiple Q&A sessions with industry experts so you can get all of your questions answered.

Photo: 2021 Huge Convention

The People You Will Meet

An added benefit of going to a convention of like-minded people is that you can meet so many people and create relationships that both of you will benefit from for years to come. I still have friends that I met at the Huge Convention years ago and they have taught me a lot about the service industry and the online world.

Networking can be a little scary at times, but it is well worth it. You should certainly get out there and talk to as many people as you can. The best way to be successful in this business is certainly NOT to do it alone. The people at the Huge Convention know exactly what you are going up against because they have done it before and they are the perfect people to help you expand your business. Just make sure you are also helping wherever you can.

How to Save Money on Your Ticket

The 2022 Huge Convention is taking place on August 17th through the 19th in Nashville Tennessee. A standard ticket will cost you $199.00, which will give you full access to all general events.

VIP tickets cost $549.00 and you will get access to a special Q&A session, front row seats to events, an invitation to the VIP Happy Hour and 2 drink vouchers, as well as a VIP Swag Bag.

Lastly, you can buy an Inner Circle Special Access ticket for $979.00 which gives you all the benefits of the VIP ticket, plus a special entrance, backstage access to speakers, and an exclusive Inner circle lunch with keynote speaker Keni Thomas and other speakers.

If you want to save $25 on your Huge Conventions ticket, make sure you use my link to buy your ticket! 

Photo: 2021 Huge Convention