How To Start A Landscaping Business Right Now With No Start Up Money


How to Start a Landscaping Business

Has it been your dream to start a landscaping business, but there’s just something holding you back? Time? Money? Doubt about your own abilities? Well, by the end of this blog, you’ll see that it’s not only possible to get started, but it’s possible to thrive. Here’s everything you were missing up until this point on how to start a successful landscaping business.


  1. Use your network. Start by making a list of people you already know. Your friends, family, acquaintances, current coworkers. Whoever you can think of! Start talking to them about your passion and ask them if you can help them out with some of your landscaping services. Sure, not everyone you know will need or want landscaping services or even have a yard, but those people may be able to refer their network to you. It’s all about getting your name out there to the people you know and love so they can do the same for you.

  2. Get prepared. Evaluate what you need to feel prepared as a business owner. You don’t need $20,000 to start a business. It may feel like it, but you really only need a phone, some business cards, and a clipboard to keep you organized and to get your name out there. Don’t overthink it and start small and grow from there.

  3. Look for deals. Who said that you need to buy the newest tools from Home Depot? It’s easy to think that you need to overspend on your tools when you see established business with all the flashy new items, but they likely didn’t start with those tools. If you want to start making money, you need to get started. That means starting with your parent’s lawnmower, a used hedge trimmer or rake or something on sale at Lowe’s. It’s up to you to find those deals or borrow until you can invest in something you love. Get crafty!

  4. Advertise where the people are. Social media has become one of the most creative and successful ways for local, small businesses to market themselves. In fact, having an online presence is one of the top ways to give yourself credibility. Don’t delay in putting online profiles up. Have a Facebook page, an Instagram, a website, and more! Connect with people the way they like to receive information and watch your client base grow dramatically.

  5. Don’t be afraid to expand. When you eventually grow to a point where you cannot handle all of the clients yourself, don’t hesitate to hire more employees for your business! Often, individuals feel that outsourcing their work to hired employees is a sign of weakness because they can’t do it all. Yet, this is actually indicative of success. You’ve gained so many customers that you’ve moved beyond your own abilities. This is fantastic, and now you get to share your business’ talents with so many more!

Final thoughts

Your landscaping business is finally coming to fruition and you should be so proud! Use the tips above to cultivate it to success. The effort you put in today will be reflected tomorrow. 

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