How Much Should Landscapers Charge To Install Mulch in 2024

Hey guys, Keith Kalfas here.


Today, we're going to talk about how much to charge for laying down mulch in 2024.


Whether you've been doing this for years or just starting, knowing the right price to charge is super important for keeping your business strong.


Different Types of Mulch and Prices


When selecting mulch for your landscaping projects, you have several options to consider. Each type of mulch not only differs in appearance but also in its benefits and costs. Here are a few popular choices:


  1.  Dyed Walnut Brown: This mulch is favored for its rich, dark color that enhances the aesthetic of garden beds. It typically costs around $33 per yard. Remember, the dye used is safe for plants but can fade over time, so it might need more frequent replacement or refreshment.


  1.  Black Mulch: Known for its striking contrast against green plants, black mulch is another dyed option that can help warm the soil and retain moisture. It's perfect for highlighting colorful flower beds and costs similarly to dyed walnut brown.


  1.  Traverse City Cherry: This is a uniquely colored mulch with a reddish hue, often preferred for its vibrant appearance. It can cost a bit more due to its unique processing.


  1.  Regular Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch: This is the most economical choice and is great for improving soil health. It decomposes over time, adding nutrients back into the soil. It's less expensive than dyed mulches and is excellent for plant health.


Each type of mulch has its own set of advantages, such as weed suppression, moisture retention, and temperature control for the soil.


When choosing mulch, consider not only the cost but also the specific needs of the landscape area and how often you might need to reapply it.


How to Set Your Prices


Setting the right prices for mulch installation involves several factors that can influence your final charge. Here’s a detailed look at what to consider:


  1.  Type of Mulch: As mentioned, different mulches have different costs. Premium or specialty mulches like dyed or decorative types generally command higher prices.


  1.  Job Complexity: The difficulty of the job can affect your pricing. Easy-to-access areas that require simple mulch spreading will cost less compared to intricate garden designs with multiple flower beds or obstacles.


  1.  Volume Discounts: If a job requires a large volume of mulch, consider offering a discount on the per-yard price. This can be appealing for large commercial projects or extensive residential properties.


  1.  Additional Services: Often, mulch installation is just one part of a larger landscaping project. Include charges for additional services like clearing old mulch, soil preparation, edging, and weed barrier installation. These services add value to your work and can significantly affect the total cost.


In 2024, a good starting point for basic mulch laying might be around $150 per yard, but adjust this base rate according to the factors above.


Be transparent with your clients about why costs may vary and what they can expect from your service. This approach helps build trust and justifies your pricing structure.


Why It’s Important to Charge the Right Amount


Charging the right amount isn’t just about covering your costs; it’s about valuing your hard work and making sure your business can keep going.


Sometimes, you might need to charge for extra stuff like taking out old mulch if it’s too much and hurting the plants.


Teaching your customers why these things are needed helps them see the value in what you do.


Getting the Area Ready


Before you even put down the mulch, there’s a lot to do. You need to trim bushes, pull weeds, and make the edges of the garden look nice.


This prep work makes the final result look great and should be part of your price. For example, making the garden edges neat might cost an extra $520, including the work and getting rid of the waste.


Being Clear with Your Customers


Being honest with your customers about what the work involves and how much it costs builds trust. If they’re not sure about the price, show them what you need to do to prepare the area. Most people will understand and are willing to pay for quality work once they see what’s involved.


Doing the Job Right


Putting down mulch the right way is about more than making it look good; it’s about keeping the garden healthy.


Avoid piling mulch too high around trees, as it can cause problems and even kill the plants.


Make sure the mulch is spread out evenly and not too thick.


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Knowing how to charge correctly for mulch and other services is key to a successful landscaping business. By teaching your customers and doing high-quality work, you can make sure they keep coming back.


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