Stay Safe & Organized With Equipment Defender Racks

landscaping gear Apr 08, 2022

When you are going from job to job, you need to make sure your equipment is secured. It is not too awfully hard to rig up your own racks, and that is just what I did when I started my landscaping business. Those worked just fine until a shovel fell off my truck while I was driving.

Everything turned out to be fine and the shovel did not hit anyone, but it could have. So that woke me up and I realized I needed much better racks on my company trucks and trailers. To get those racks, I went to Equipment Defender. These guys have made a rack for everything and they are awesome.

Since I liked their racks so much, I reached out to Equipment Defender to see what I could do for my followers. I worked out a deal to get you guys 10% off when you use the code “keith10” at checkout. I love these racks, and I am sure you will too. Let’s look at their racks a little closer and see which ones are right for you.

Trimmer Racks

Their trimmer racks do more than what you would expect from a standard rack. When you get your equipment defender trimmer rack, you also place these little cubes on your trimmers. These cubes are what lock into the trimmer and this keeps it very secure, and does not allow it to rotate.

This way you are not ever going to flood an engine, and your trimmer is not going to come loose from the rack. The rack also has a engine support kit, and a funnel system on the front locker to make it super easy to put your tool in the rack without having to be overly precise. You can also lock the rack so that no one steals your trimmers while you are away. I just put these racks on my trailers not long ago, and I love them. If you only get one rack from Equipment Defender it should be this one. Just don't forget to use the code “keith10” at checkout!

Hand Tool Racks

You are definitely going to need a lot of hand tools while you are running a landscaping business. You also want to make sure that one of these tools does not catch the wind and fall out of your truck while you are driving. This is where Equipment Defender comes in. They have a few different types of racks for your different hand tools, so let's talk about it.

If you have an open trailer, their open trailer hand tool rack is a no brainer. This rack stands up and holds six tools very securely. With one of these racks on each side of your trailer, you can hold more rakes and shovels than you would ever need.

Next is the D-handle tool rack. This rack is fairly simple. It is a post that you hang your d-handle tools on, but it also has a locking mechanism on the bottom to hold tools in. So you can put this on the outside of your trailer and be confident that it is not going anywhere. This rack actually attaches to the outside of the open trailer tool rack, so if you get one you should also get the other. Just make sure you use the code “keith10” to get 10% off at purchase.

Lastly, Equipment Defender has an enclosed trailer rack. This is a locking rack that you can fit as many tools as you want on it. This one does not have single tool slots like the open trailer rack. Although it still has a locking mechanism, so whatever you are able to fit on this rack will not be going anywhere.

Blower Racks

Backpack blowers are a game changer for a landscaper. Although if you want to carry a backpack blower from job to job, you better have a place for it or your equipment is going to get messy quickly. Equipment Defender has a backpack blower rack that you can use with any type of backpack blower. It uses an over top bar to lock in your blower, and a supporting sheet of metal on the bottom. The locking bar can also be locked with a key to prevent theft.

If you prefer to use a handheld blower, Equipment Defender also has something for you. It is shaped differently, but the handheld blower has a similar locking bar and supporting bracket design. You place your blower on the rack, and then push down the overhead bar to lock it in place. Then you can lock it with a key if you prefer.

Chainsaw Racks

If your business requires using chainsaws, Equipment Defender has a rack for you. Their chainsaw racks clamp directly on to the chainsaw bar and keep it securely mounted. Their racks are also fully adjustable so they can hold any size chainsaw you have. This is also a rack that you can use in either enclosed or open trailers. Plus there is a locking mechanism to prevent theft if you put this on an open trailer.

Hedge Trimmer Racks

The hedge trimmer rack looks a lot like the chainsaw rack, but there is one large difference. The hedge trimmer rack has a support at the top which you hang the trimmer from. Trimmer blades are a bit more fragile than chainsaw blades, so there needs to be some extra support. The hanging support keeps the hedge trimmer up, but the blade clamp keeps it from coming off or going anywhere. When you add the hedge trimmer rack to your cart on make sure you use code “keith10” to save 10% at checkout!

Gas Can Racks

Every landscaper is going to need a gas can or two. If you are going all day, you may need a lot of gas cans. The last thing you want is for a gas can to spill on your trailer. So it is not a bad idea to get a few gas can racks on your trailer. This is going to keep you more organized and keep your employees safer.

If you use a Surecan, you can fuel your handheld equipment straight from the rack. These Surecan racks are made specifically to allow for the nozzle to move around while they sit still. You can also get racks for regular 5 or 2.5 gallon gas tanks, but you will have to pick those up to fuel your equipment.

Other Misc Racks

Besides these big and obvious racks, equipment defender has a few other racks you may want to include on your trailer. The first of them is the water cooler rack. If you work with a large team, it is important to keep them hydrated. This rack can hold a sports cooler that will keep your employees going all day. Lastly, they have a line spool rack that you can use to keep your weed eaters up and running effectively.

You probably do not need all of these racks, but I think every landscaper will benefit from having a few of them. When you go to the equipment defender website and pick out your favorite racks, make sure you use code “keith10” at checkout for an extra 10% off!