How to Keep an Organized Landscaping Business Schedule


Are you frustrated with how to schedule your clients? If your business is starting to grow and you’re not organized, you’re going to experience a significant set of delays that have you feeling like you can’t possibly be successful. This blog will walk you through a real-time philosophy that will enable you to create an order with only two things: your smartphone and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Here’s how to get started.

What you need

For this method, you’ll need just two items.

  1. A smartphone. Either an iPhone or Android works. It’s just up to your preference!
  2. A pair of Bluetooth headphones. Purchase from either eBay or Amazon. The brand is entirely according to your preference and budget. Bluetooth headphones are necessary so you can be handsfree to type!

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What to do

Here’s a step-by-step on what to do when a customer calls you for the first time looking for a consultation. While this method may seem challenging initially due to the number of steps, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find it much easier to maintain consistent organization.

  1. Greet your customer. Once they begin discussing their needs, immediately open your phone and start taking down notes on your phone as they talk.
  2. Create a contact for them. This is your main goal because it will allow you to have all of their information for that initial consultation. When they start to talk about the type of services they need, open your contact app on your phone and ask them for their name, phone number, email address, and physical address. While some of this may seem redundant, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary time spent doing this later by having them give it to you over the phone. You also increase your own chance of marketing opportunities when you have information like their email address from that very first interaction.
  3. Repeat all of their information back to them. When you do this as they say it, you can be sure that you have it correct. Just say it under your breath so you can be sure you’re inputting it correctly.
  4. Work through scheduling. After you’ve added contact information, open your calendar app and look for a few times that you have open for a consultation. Find times that mutually work and add their personalized calendar event into your phone once they’ve selected a slot.
  5. Don’t give up. While you may need to have customers repeat information at the beginning (and feel frustrated because of this), this method is tried and true. You can truly use it to stay organized, so be patient and keep with it.


Final thoughts

This method is simple, yet effective in demonstrating just how easily you can run an entire business off of your smartphone. The more you use it the faster you’ll get at taking down information and talking to the customer in this format. Soon enough, you’ll have an organized business entirely on your phone without any issues at all!


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