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Anytime you start a company, it can be a struggle to attract business. You have to know how to price your packages correctly as well as advertise to get the word out. Since these two components can make or break your success, this blog is all about helping you find your groove. Here’s what you need to know about what to charge and how to advertise in the gutter cleaning business. 


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How to Advertise

That first customer you receive will be so exciting. Sure, you may do your friend’s and family’s lawn or gutter cleaning as you get started, but the moment that someone treats you as the true professional you are is one you’ll never forget. You can advertise your gutter cleaning business in a number of ways. This is one time that you should think big and wide. 

  1. Email chains: If you’re privy to an email chain that goes around in a neighborhood, take advantage of it! This can be a great way to get clients. Send out your information and watch customers roll in. After all, who wants to clean gutters themselves anyway?
  2. Signs: There’s nothing more old-fashioned some signs posted around an area you’re targeting. It’s quick, effective, and cheap. 
  3. Ads on Craigslist: Plenty of people still find the help that they need through Craigslist ads. Don’t forget about them! You’ll find a whole new clientele. 
  4. Angie’s List deals: Angie’s List provides a unique way for businesses to connect with customers. Businesses pay to have their service advertise on the website since they must be a reliable company, and customers receive discounted services. Because people trust Angie, you can count on many more customers. 
  5. Social media: Ah, social media. It’s crucial to marketing in this new era of technology. A social media page gives you credibility in addition to a way to reach your potential clients. Set one up the day that you create your business and post to it regularly. Even if you’re still building a following, having regularly and updated content is essential. Often for customers, it’s a checked box that they want to see. If you’re a business that doesn’t have social media, it’s a red flag more than anything else.


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What to Charge 

Pricing is often a mystery to those starting a business. How do you keep yourself competitive without practically giving away your service? Luckily for you, we have a price guide! Here’s what you can consider. 

  • $85 for gutters if you’re already on the property 
  • $150 for a standard ranch house that you have to drive out to
  • $185-250 for a two-story house, depending on the level of difficulty 
  • PRO TIP: If you can’t do it safely, don’t do it at all! Only those that have significant experience should be climbing high up on ladders. Additionally, avoid working when it’s wet as this can also be dangerous (and customers don’t like when you blow wet leaves or other debris into their yard). Don’t risk your health and safety for a job!

Now, remember, you can use these bullets as a guideline when pricing your shop, but you should also do the math to make sure you’re making a profit from all your hard work. If you’re not putting any money back into your pocket, then it’ll be hard to keep a business going. Figure out how much you’re bringing in versus what your expenses are so that you can get the right price. 


Final thoughts 

Don’t let these two factors keep you from starting the business of your dreams! Advertise creatively and keep in your expenses when you spend. You’ll find success before you know it. 


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