6 Tips Before Starting A Window Cleaning Business - Even With NO Money

Founder and author of The Window Cleaning Blueprint: How to Make $500 a Day Cleaning Windows, Keith Kalfas, talks about the 6 things you have to consider before getting into the window cleaning business.

One common misconception about the window cleaning business is that it looks like a piece of cake from the outside, but it can be the exact opposite from the inside. I'm excited to share these tips with you, so let’s get right into it!

Know the current state of the window cleaning business

Fourteen billion dollars a year ($14,000,000,000/year!) is spent on cleaning services in the United States alone. There are people who need help cleaning their houses or washing their cars who would rather spend a little of their money to save time and spend it with their families.

So what do houses and cars have in common? WINDOWS! Yes, you read that right. Windows are literally everywhere! And these windows need to be cleaned. That means MONEY IS EVERYWHERE when you are in the window cleaning business. There’s a huge opportunity all around us.

"When I first got started in cleaning windows, I thought there would be a lot of competition. I was so worried that people wouldn’t want to get their windows cleaned. Now, I realize you only need to fully understand how to get your foot on the door and it will all come to you."

Open up to the new world

Some 50 or 60 years ago, people cleaned windows and that was it. Now, with this whole internet marketing paradigm, there’s an entirely new reality. That reality is based on authenticity, congruency, and transparency.

Here’s a (not so) SECRET. Credibility, as well as legitimacy, is now based on your ratings and reviews in the new world. In the cleaning business, you are representing your brand and your company. When customers allow you inside their homes, they are giving their full trust in you.

If you break that trust, people can easily go to Google and leave your company a bad review about the smallest unprofessional thing you did. I’ve dealt with that and I saw how it really effects business. So remember to present yourself as a top-notch type of entrepreneur, a company, or even as a single person.

Another SECRET just for you...having a good customer service will significantly increase the ratings of your services. There’s a full telephone script that you can follow word-for-word inside my Window Cleaning Blueprint for your own window cleaning business. Trust goes a long way. Remember, this is the bread and butter of your business in the new world.

Be ready to adapt

Let’s recap, you are (finally) aware that windows are everywhere. You also understand how the new internet marketing world works and how to conduct yourself in front of potential customers. You should realize by now how quickly you can start with this type of cleaning business with no startup money!

How do you take it further? By learning how social media strategies work and how marketing companies can help you such as SignPost, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor. For just a couple of hundred bucks a month, it’s like hiring a professional virtual assistant that markets your business for you and brings you pre-qualified leads.

Keep going!

Know what the bad news is? The execution. It’s the hardest part about all of this. Not knowing how to do it, while other people do, will make you frustrated. Sooner or later you’re going to bang your head up against the wall because you aren’t making the money you hoped for,  your dreams of making $500 a day.

I first started this business making $40 a day. I thought it was impossible to get this thing off the ground. Let me give you a scenario: You walk into a cellphone store. You introduce yourself as you hand out your business cards. You get all of these generic replies that simply mean, “NO”, and now you’re feeling hopeless. So how do you move forward? Watch how I approached this situation.

When I started, I was so nervous and it showed. But I learned more about the cleaning industry as I went along and it turns out that facing rejections can be a major learning experience. So, it’s only bad news if you do not know how to use it to your advantage.  

WIN the window cleaning business

Let’s keep it simple. Those who win are those who apply information technology into their businesses. Those who win are those who really focus on building a whole professional business, attitude, and experience for their customer. 

You are in the people business, you just happen to be cleaning windows. You need to understand the psychology behind marketing.

It's not just about the money

There are people who refuse to learn and adapt to the changing world. They refuse to create a mobile-friendly page and optimize their websites. Those who lose are the people who ignore advertising. Those who lose are those who are caught up with just earning money, they forget to invest in things that can help them further their businesses. 

You might not still be convinced how I was able to earn $500 a day cleaning windows, but I’m going to tell you now. IT'S ALL POSSIBLE and it’s all in here in my The Window Cleaning Blueprint: How to Make $500 a Day Cleaning Windows.

So are you going to be one of those people who will be stuck in the old ways? Or are you one of those who will adapt and win in the window cleaning business? 

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