How To Start A Landscaping Business

My inside track on starting a 6-figure landscaping empire with no startup cost


Become your own boss in just 6 weeks making $10K a month. Learn why most landscaping businesses never cross $35K a year and keep their owners a slave to their own businesses.


Most people work a 9-to-5 because they think they have to. 


But deep down, they are sick of their routine.


Wake up early, deprived of sleep, and feel like a mashed potato the whole day.


Doing robotic tasks you’ve done thousands of times before, your eyes getting weary just thinking about them. 


Every evening you feel out of energy because your job drains you mentally. 


And the worst part is that you make minimum wage and live in a small one-bedroom apartment.


You can barely pay the rent, live paycheck-to-paycheck, and despise your situation.


Changing to a higher-paying job is hard because you don’t have the experience or education to land a 6-figure job. 


You like to work outside and want to start your own business.


You want the freedom to make your own decisions…


Deciding when, for whom, and exactly how you want to work…


With room to grow your income to as much as you want - like a true entrepreneur.


The only thing is that you have no idea how to start a business.


People around you tell you how hard it is to start your own business, discouraging you from trying. 


They tell you that you need to be intelligent, have connections or large sums of money.


But all of these are false.


Starting a business is nothing more than a step-by-step process. 


If you had a simple roadmap toward entrepreneurship, you would use it immediately. 


I started my landscaping business with only a shovel, and I went door to door, asking people if they needed help around their houses. 


I did not get paid well initially, but that changed once I discovered a method to land high-paying clients one after another. 


Most landscapers do not know the system I use, and that is why they are stuck at $35K a year.


Their clients pay them minimum and bring them more misery than joy in their business. 


Targeting the right areas where people pine for your service makes all the difference.


With this ad strategy, you get premium clients that love your service and that you happily work for.


Your clients will be happy when you show up at their property and pay you instantly when you send them an invoice. 


So how do you target the right people in your city?


There is an easy marketing system I will show you that will have people blow up your phone out of enthusiasm.


They will want you to mow their lawn so badly that they overpay you eagerly. 


Do you want to see the inside of my system to acquire the best clients in my city? 


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