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In today’s episode, we will talk about finances, and how does keeping finances to yourself affects and hurts your business. You don’t waste money if you get some help manage your finances, in fact, it helps you know where your money is going, or to see if you’re making a progress. Listen to this podcast and I will tell you how… 

What you are about to hear: 

00:03 -  List down all your plans, strategize. There’s nothing wrong listing all your dreams and slowly put them into action.    


2:37 -   Regardless of what you use, what you have, what you own. Those are not important, what matters is the message you bring out there to the world. The importance you do, that will make a change.


6:27 -   Start to look, and check your finances, it will not hurt to hire an accountant to do the P&L for you. The harm is when you thought you’re doing great with your finances and it turns out that you’re losing them


8:01 - Hiring an accountant is not a waste of money, you will do this to save capital. So you could track where all your money is going to. Cool stuff is, they will provide you a P&L report each month so you could learn what’s going on with your business, your profit margins, and the amount of revenue coming in.


13:34 - Don’t let fear control you. Think outside the box, don’t be afraid to expand. Hire someone if you need help. If that will help your business to expand. Plan, List, and then Execute my friend. 


18:00 - Help will start from within, you need a mentor to guide you. Get yourself a mentor, who could be your coach and a friend. 


21:34 - Consistency is the best practice, It’s a healthy balance. Make it a rule of thumb to yourself. 


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The Transcript : 



Welcome to the Untrapped Podcast where we're motivated and inspired about success, small business, and personal development. And now Keith Kalfas.



List down all your plans, strategize. There’s nothing wrong listing all your dreams and slowly put them into action.   



 What's up? It's Keith Kalfas with the landscaping employee trap in this video, I'm at home today. Downstairs in my basement studio. I'm doing some whiteboarding and strategy stuff and I wanted to share with you about self-limiting beliefs. A couple of things that I want to cover real quick if you're new to the channel. What's up, I'm Keith. I make thousands of videos about landscaping all the way back since 2014. Thank you so much. We just hit 90,000 subscribers and I really started this channel by me struggling living in a small one-bedroom apartment and debt, with debt collectors calling me scared, leaving a dead-end lawncare job to get my own landscaping business off the ground. I was able to get the business off the ground within six weeks by posting Craigslist ads, knocking on doors, and just being terrified. And then I was so angry after I left my job and replace my income in only six weeks. 



That it took me about 24 months to get the business up to $100,000 in revenue just by straight-up working my tail off and I was even more angry and I had this sense of retribution and because I said, "Why was I stuck in a dead-end job for 1215 years, making minimum wage?" What felt like minimum wages JLB just over broke. Bob Proctor says that anyways when you literally can go out and hustle and get your own business off the ground. Now just because you got it off the ground doesn't mean that you've got your shit together. I mean, it's a nonstop uphill battle for what seems like could be forever. And if you don't get around the right people and get the right mentorship to help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs, and work through your own head trash, you can really box yourself into a corner and being your own boss, where you feel alone. You can get frustrated, you can have moments of feeling great, and feeling like you're successful. And then literally the next day, be down in the dumps in this up down emotional rollercoaster, and learning all the stuff on once and also the fears revolving around. Let me put this on a tripod. I'm actually on my phone right now.

Regardless of what you use, what you have, what you own. Those are not important, what matters is the message you bring out there to the world. The importance you do, that will make a change.



I have this fancy studio and cameras and things that I've dreamed about having my entire life. And now that I have them, I'm making this video on a cellphone, go figure, right? A little lesson. Sometimes just getting your message up and getting it out there and executing is a little bit more important than trying to have the best of the best. Just get out there and do it, right? But what I want to say as I just got off the phone, and I do want to tell you before I tell you this, I don't have it all figured out myself at all. I have bad days all the time. I think that's what's made this channel get so many views over the years. It's just me being transparent and authentic. I try not to post negative content. I've really negative days sometimes. right?. But anyway, so I'm on the phone yesterday with my friend, Jacob Godar. He's in Georgia. He's got a million-dollar landscaping company. He's blowing my mind. He's telling me I met Jacob Godar when the GIE Expo in Kentucky, we're hanging out with Tee Grant and Angel Cortez and a bunch of other guys out there and DJ Carroll and all that stuff and Brian Fullerton and BMV and all those guys in a met Jacob Godar are out there. 


We also hang out in Miami too, yeah the Grant Cardone conference. Anyways, Jacob is a smart guy, he's got a YouTube channel, you could check him out. And, one video he posted was talking about breaking down your man-hour rate, and he's going through his finances and Excel spreadsheet and going through P&L's and stuff like that. And I was like, you know, this guy's got his shit together. So I call him up yesterday because I was a little frustrated. My phone is ringing off the hook in my business. Learning how to do marketing is a very good skill, but it can overwhelm you because I mean, I have 100 missed phone calls right now my voicemail inbox is full. And there's no point in even having a calling center or a secretary manage it because we just don't have the capacity to deal with it. And I'm talking about growth and expansion in the lawn and landscaping business and expanding a business without having your sales, your man our rate right and having enough revenue per day coming in per truck. It doesn't make sense to have a bunch of liability out there unless you're getting paid for it. Right? 


If the risk far outweighs the liability, what I mean is like some non-nuts texting while is driving and smashes into something, and now you've got this huge headache. And I'm not trying to be negative here. I'm just trying to be realistic or guys on a writer and spins around and just smoke someone's air conditioner cause you like $2500 and now you're getting bad reviews. There's a lot of good things that can happen but, what he told me he's talking about how much he charges per lawn and what they're doing per day. I was like, "What? I thought my prices were high man like I have already been raising my prices every single year," don't you raise your prices every year and you're afraid you're gonna lose your clients?  You got these clients hanging on, they've been your clients forever and you have this like a moral obligation to them because they're the ones that are always going to be there like you're afraid, if you let go of those core clients that you have to move upwards and onwards, what if a drought happens in your business and you lose all these new shiny customers that are going to pay you more, and then you go running back to your old client. "I'm sorry, I was wrong. I know that I left you for something better." But you know, we have all these conflicting thoughts. 

Start to look, and check your finances, it will not hurt to hire an accountant to do the P&L for you. The harm is when you thought you’re doing great with your finances and it turns out that you’re losing them. 



I'm bringing that up. Because when you have a wave of requests that comes in for your time, and your energy, and you'll have so much energy to go around what bread and butter clients do you keep and hold on to? It's like shedding skin, it's painful. And we've raised our prices tremendously. And now we have a minimum $300 minimum to even show up on the property. We do landscaping and window cleaning, both. We do a lot more landscaping, especially this year because COVID and going inside people's homes isn't working right now. But now in landscaping that's jumped up to a $500 minimum just to show up on the property to do any maintenance. And now I'm actually strongly considering it's got to be a $700 minimum just to show up on somebody's property. And if you have a crew, it's got to do a grand a day to even make anything even worth it. And if you, I could talk about this forever, but all I'm saying is, this whiteboard in front of me. And I really think that you've got to press the big red stop button. We’ve got a marker here? I'm looking for my marker and really look at what's going on to see where you're at. And another thing is doing your books, you don't have time to do your bookkeeping, which I know I didn't. If you don't have a P&L  statement, you don't even know where you're at. So, I broke down and I was going on looking for a bookkeeper.

Hiring an accountant is not a waste of money, you will do this to save capital. So you could track where all your money is going to. Cool stuff is, they will provide you a P&L report each month so you could learn what’s going on with your business, your profit margins, and the amount of revenue coming in. 


because I already have an accountant, you should have an accountant and all that stuff, right? It's not too expensive. Wow, bookkeeper. It's crazy. Oh, every penny you make is gone. I found Dan Platta from Blue Skies Bookkeeping, this guy's awesome. I'll put a link below for Dan Platta. I gotta remember whenever shout people out, I gotta so they can track it. And based on the size of your company, it's not even that expensive at all. And this guy literally goes into your bank account. And it's a little vulnerable. But what happens is each month, he spits out a P&L report. You could do a deep dive and learn what's going on your business, your profit margins, the amount of revenue coming in what you're spending on marketing and payroll and expenses, and all that stuff. Right?  And then you can see Oh, this is where I'm at. Okay?


I remember I was hanging out with DJ Carroll. We were in Phoenix, Arizona, and a live event walking down the street with him. And he's like, I'm like, well, "Who handles all the work?" He's like, "Well, my crews," I'm like, "Okay, well, who picks up the phones?" He's like "The secretary" I'm like, "Well, who manages all the invoicing in the billing and the payments and all that stuff in the administrative?"  He goes, "My office manager" I'm like, "Well, who balances all the books?" He's like, "My bookkeeper" I'm like, "Wait, who does all the accounting?" He's like, "My accountant" I'm like, "What would it mean? What if there's a legal issue and something goes wrong?" He's like, "My attorney handles that." I'm like, "What? Well, what about all this business that you say you have out of state? How do you even go do it?" He's like, "My subcontractors do that" I'm like "what?" then we go hang out, in his high rise apartment overlooking Louisville. And I'm like, "Aaaaahh!!" you gotta start f***  hanging out with these geniuses man and get the fuck away from the losers man. The people who bring you down and criticize you don't believe in your dreams because they don't have any dreams your own and they tell you that you can't do shit because they can't do it. I tell you, man, if you're a big smash a big fish in a small pond as a problem.


Hey, stick around my friend, I will be back right after this.



Stick around more of the Untrapped Podcast is coming up.



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The untrapped podcast continues. Here's your host, Keith Kalfas


You gotta be a small fish in a big pond where you feel vulnerable and anxious being around these people, man. You're like I thought I was the shit. I get around these guys and girls, I realize. I feel like a f***  loser. You got to get around people who like you literally go home, bite your nails and I got to get my shit together. It goes on and on and on. I understand life is a beautiful gift. It's a wonderful thing of opportunity. If you have your health. You have wealth but what I really like is like Tony Robbins said, "Modeling what other people have done who have gone before you have gone through the minefield have been in the trenches" and the funniest thing is I was listening to Bob Proctor no no no no no-no-no.


Joseph Rodriguez on YouTube, I don't watch a lot of YouTube because I'm so busy making videos and running my business but I do watch some YouTube, and I have some favorite YouTube in lawn and landscape YouTubers. But I do watch Joseph Rodriguez he's just a guy that does book reviews. And he does reviews of books like “Think and grow rich” by Bob Proctor and like all this mindset stuff and sometimes late at night, I'll turn him on and he said, "Howard the subconscious mind or something." Basically he was saying your relationship and this like the last two weeks have blown my mind off, of one thing because that's what we're really looking for. We're looking for an aha! Have you read, we're looking for an epiphany, you might have five, six, or seven bullets, Powwow, epiphany is in your lifetime. And that kind of the goal is to get these epiphanies where these dots in your mind like their actual synaptic connections, like real physical wiring, like when all of a sudden one gut will, like a synapse will happen. But because it connected the dots is the one that that goes and connects all these other dots and you go, wooaah!

Don’t let fear control you. Think outside the box, don’t be afraid to expand. Hire someone if you need help. If that will help your business to expand. Plan, List, and then Execute my friend. 


Oh my god. In the past week, I have hired four people. Four virtual assistants all over the world. And I'm interviewing hiring one more and possibly another. I already have seven. And I'm like, this is insane, and internet side of my business because we do a ton of landscaping already, but because you just start to see that you're the only one holding yourself back and you ask yourself these questions, like "How am I gonna hire somebody? If I don't have the money? I'm gonna get back to what I was saying about the Joseph Reavers thing about, "how am I going to do this? I can't do this. How do.."  you’re like, you let the fear control you,  he said, "You have to develop a relationship with the unknown. If you're so afraid of the unknown, and you get it, you're too afraid to do it. So you keep learning more about it." I don't want to do it. So let me learn more about it. You feel like you're actually going crazy because you can't stop studying and researching and asking questions and you keep bumping up against these walls in your mind. Because you're so afraid to just take the step. Because if you take the step, you feel like it's gonna be a Chinese finger trap. Like you stick your finger in that thing, and then it's your finger. Am I allowed to say that? No? you really watch every little thing you say? You've heard you're gonna open up a Pandora's box or step through a trap door that once you get in you can't get out or once you Do this thing. You're afraid like I like going on payroll, you're terrified to go on the payroll? What if I go on the payroll? Oh my god, oh my god, I can't get out. I know. It's like, whatever you try, you do. 



Now you're in it and you can't get off that roller coaster, right? Well, the funniest thing is, once you just take a step forward into it, and you can even perceive it in your brain as a who's gonna do it as an experiment? You have to develop a relationship with the unknown say, "I'm willing to step into the unknown." A lot of times I get angry because I'm like, "Well, let me just spend money just What do you mean, just spend all your money?" No. But, sometimes if you don't just pick up the phone and make that call, or you didn't just go walk into the store and try that thing out. Or you don't just book that plane ticket and go do that thing, or call up that property manager and try to sell that job. You have to take action in the physical world, and that's the one thing that's stopping you is your relationship to the unknown. We're afraid of the unknown because it's like the Saber-toothed tiger chomping away at our bottom line, we feel the ego is trying to protect us from annihilation and death. So we avoid the unknown because we know what we know. And we know that at least this is working as long as we work our ass off and keep running like a rat on a wheel. It'll work. But I don't want to step into the unknown. And it's as simple as just crossing this little membrane.


Oh, it's like you just dip your toe in the water and anything. I'm really onto this lately and I'm having all these epiphanies. I'm very excited about, quick thing before I forget. This is window cleaning thing but the International Window Cleaning Association which is the IWCA 2021 January Vegas they're having their annual live convention. Come out there. they've invited me to be the keynote speaker which is awesome man, this is a dream come true. So I'll talk more about in the future if you happen to do window cleaning check me out on my window cleaning blueprint YouTube channel we just crossed the 12,000 subscriber mark. Window cleaning blueprint channel put a link in the description below all window cleaning stuff right there. I used to put it all on this channel that at some point a couple of years ago I split it up some people asked me like "Keith, you still be window cleaning?" Again, of course, but I don't put it on this channel as much anymore. My other channels called I am Ability. It's a channel about consciousness and mindset and all those types of crazy epiphanies. If you are a weird deep diver, check out that channel over there. I am ability. I'm very, very proud of the people that I see in this community and all the cats that are coming up and showing off how they're getting their business off the ground and to the next level posting on Facebook, Instagram, and on YouTube. 

Help will start from within, but you need a mentor to guide you. Get yourself a mentor, who could be your coach and a friend. 


Phenomenal examples of being a role model and leadership, and which Another important part of that is, you know when you're tied up in your own business, making moves and getting around other people who have a mindset of wanting to be proactive and move forward, and also keeps you out of trouble. My heart goes out to the people who get tangled up in drugs and alcohol, and I just pray for you. And I hope that you knock that stuff real soon. And I just felt called to say that and get around other people who are crushing it. Get over yourself limiting beliefs, and feelings of unworthiness you have by getting around and finding mentors, find a mentor, hang out with people who got their shit together, and who are getting their shit together, right? I speak about that sometimes on this channel because I come from a History. I never was addicted to drugs or alcohol myself, because I saw what it did to the people that I love. And it broke my heart. My own mother died of a drug overdose, a heroin overdose, and hurt my family, it hurt me. And taking years and I'll never overcome it. And so I think that I know, that when you're subject to all these different things growing up, it makes you two choices, the blue pill or the red pill. 


Do you want to go that way? Or do you want to fight and be...  This is another powerful thing. I'm talking fast because I got so much to do. I was at a live convention once and there's a leader His name is Chris Brady. I followed him outside after he got off stage. It was kind of weird, but he was getting in his Mercedes. I was like, "dude, I got to talk to you." I was just reaching out, right? I say "man, I grew up from such a poor family and I want to be successful, so bad. Is there a possibility that I can be successful one day?" I was like 18. He says, "You know what? Maybe you. You're going to be the one that turns the tide of your entire family's history. You're going to be the one that changes everything. You're going to be the one that erases the old stuff turns the tide of your family's finances. And then from you, the buck stops with you." And that takes having courage takes being bold and it takes having difficult conversations, drawn lines in the sand, and creating healthy boundaries. And what I mean by that, and all this stuff here, look at that, my live event marketing ROI live workshop, we're thinking about throwing that event. In spite of COVID let me know in the comments below if you would come to my live event in Michigan, we're gonna throw this live event, these healthy boundaries I'm talking about, alright. here it is like this. You let everybody know you make an announcement you say, "Hey, on Wednesday nights, from 6 to 9 pm I am going to be doing X.And then you do that people are gonna go nuts at first they're not gonna like it, "Where's Keith on Wednesday nights at 6 pm? He's doing this thing. Yeah, he thinks he's gonna manage his books or he's gonna go out in the garage and work on stuff, study or pursue his dream. We have been helping him open head for the frying pan." 

Consistency is the best practice, It’s a healthy balance. Make it a rule of thumb to yourself. 



But if you just keep doing that thing, every Wednesday night, it develops a habit then everybody just gets with the program and then they can actually relax as well. Well, you know what, maybe I'll just do my thing. Because they know now it's the law. Once they know that there's no arguing and they know and that gets applied anything is it like every Saturday morning I put out a video I'll put a link in the description below the Saturday finances every Saturday I wake up people who know me know don't I'm doing it come hell or high water I don't care if I'm on vacation I have to do my Saturday finances because not only is it an ambitious thing, but I'm terrified of losing everything because I grew up very poor, right? And this one habit has changed my entire life. I'll put a link below we just put up blog posts article to all about Saturday finances, it's coming out right now. No one Saturday mornings you do Why? and Sundays I don't know what you like to do Sundays. Do you have a spiritual thing? Do you like to sleep in, you like to go to church, but you do that thing and you maintain consistency. Now you're putting constraints you say I don't like to have these constraints, where I got to do all these things, right? Well, I'll tell you one thing. If you don't have boundaries in your life and in frameworks and structure, then your life is just going to spill all over the place and not only will you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself, but that you'll have unhealthy relationships with the people around you because they can never count on you for anything because you're always just spilling all over the place. It's a healthy balance. 


So, because every Tuesday night, we have a date night with my wife, actually, this last Tuesday, we are so busy. It was like the first time in months. We had like half a date night we, I think we'd like to watch half a movie and fell asleep. A really busy week. So what does that tell you right there? those videos all over the place. It tells you that the rule can be broken, but you keep setting the intention and setting the rule and it starts to carve a path in the physical world and your neurology and your psychology, right? And then you can move forward so I've got this crazy battle boards going on here. I went crazy before all these battle board planning and scheduling a to-do list calendars and stuff. Having people that hold you accountable is very important. But at some point, I think that you get so frustrated that one day you just snap. I can't take any more. I'm making a cup of coffee. I'm getting this. I'll get another whiteboard or go straight to Office Depot. Go get yourself a whiteboard right now. And just get all your thoughts out, take pictures of it, get sticky notes. If you can't do it at home, go to the library, find an app or a Trello board, or just get out there and take massive action. Or maybe you're the opposite. Maybe you're so burned out. You just need a week off. You can go on your calendar, maybe you're booked a month out you say a month from now. I'm taking a week off I don't care. I need to decompress.


Whenever you require. You're feeling is an important thing to you it's there for a reason. And you have to acknowledge That thing and honor that and do that. And be that so you can become who you want to be. It's just so important. Because I tell you if you don't get on the path, I always say this, David Deida said, he wrote a book called the way of the superior man, lock yourself in a room with a notepad and a pen. And do not come out until you know your purpose. Because the longer you don't know that along, you keep spinning your wheels frustrated, you just watch years of your life go by, and then you just sit in, you start getting like, more and more frustrated. desperation and despair and things like that. So if you're not able to live your highest calling and do what you want to do, and be happy because you're afraid of making other people around, you feel uncomfortable, and then you do it anyway. And now you feel like you're being selfish because you're so ambitious. And then you try to lower your ambitions so you don't make other people feel uncomfortable. At some point. You're just gonna like that, like, just get the f**  off me, dude. I'm doing what I got to do. It's this level of selfishness. Eben Pagan is a guy I follow he had a course called Wake up Productive. This dude still makes hundreds and millions of dollars. He said it's very important. He believes that everybody has a two to three year period in their life where they become incredibly selfish and incredibly self-centered and focused on themselves and their lives, their productivity, their success, their goals, their dreams, or they block everything else out and they just become obsessed and totally selfish. 


And another thing my buddy coach Rob taught me here now and say no with no residue. When you get to the point where you can hear no and speak no. There's no residue. Hey, can you come to help me do this thing I know it's random and I know it's Thursday or Sunday, but I need you to help me move? Will you help me move this weekend or now? Can you come to rescue me? No, I can't I'm already booked out with obligations and priorities, and my name is on the line in ink for six weeks to over 100 people. And I can't squeeze you in. I'm sorry. Your lack of planning is not my emergency. Now, if somebody's broken down and it's a family member, some of you got to go help him right, of course. But what's weird is, if every time somebody has an emergency, they know that they can call you and they're not responsible for taking care of their own bullshit. Now you become that person that's always running around doing everything everybody else and now you're becoming more and more miserable, trapped in this weird cycle of codependency and guilt. And you can't get your fucking dreams together in your life together. So having discernment and clarity to get clarity around those things is so important. It's very complex. And the more you grow is the more complex all this stuff goes. And that goes and I think it's very important to have a healthy relationship with yourself and healthy interior space so that you can have a healthy exterior space, all this shit like you see some of these people who have these million-dollar businesses, some of them are a complete mess. Some of them really actually got their sh** together. 


And I think that maybe the guy who doesn't have a multi-million dollar business but or girl who is successful and well rounded, who are they behind closed doors? When you don't see them on social media? Who are they late at night? Are they studying rereading, learning, spending time with their family exercising, meditating, or are they out doing bad things? You know, that? Never judge a book by its cover? I got to get back to work, man. I feel like I'm working right now. So excited. Later, my podcast just hit 120,000 downloads the untrapped podcast, Keith Kalfas at all major podcast platforms. Check it out. What else? I got a new online course coming up called the landscaping course part two, my brand new book is out. It's on It's called "Your first year in the landscaping business." That's all be ready soon I'll put a link in the description below. We're doing a whole thing. I can't talk too much about it. But um, alright, peace.

That's it for today. I will be back again next week for another, best episode. Next week I will interview Caleb Auman the owner of Auman Landscape, LLC. The topic will be interesting so, watch out for it. 



All right, that concludes this episode of the untrapped podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in. If you know anybody who would get value from this episode, please don't hesitate to share it with them. And good news. We're quickly moving up in the rankings in the entrepreneurship category on iTunes, and the top 100. So if you could go to iTunes or click the link below and type in the untrapped podcast and please take a quick moment to leave us a well worded positive five-star review. It helps the show out so much. And as always, you can go to my podcast page, Keith, forward slash podcast and also leave your comments if there are any topics You would like to hear more about and you can also get my free PDF download the seven steps to marketing your business by texting the word untrapped 231996