Your Business Is Just a Vehicle To Get You To Where You Want To Go

Sometimes, we don’t know what to do with our business. We are stressed out and struggling with your business, you no longer enjoy what we are doing and we end up looking for something different or maybe a replacement for this business that we build. But, is that really the solution to this? Replacing this business that we have and switching to another profession, or another type of vocation? No, this is not a solution, you are just running. Running away from the problem. Maybe, you just need to take a breather. 


“If you're struggling with your business, and you feel like sometimes it can be like the speeding train. And you're strapped to the front of it. And it just it's the speeding thing. Sometimes when you feel like you're forced to do something day in, day out, day in, day out, day in and day out, and you got to keep doing this thing and all the responsibilities that go with it. There's the saying, All work. And no play makes jack, a dull boy.” -  Keith Kalfas

Topics covered:


1:22 -  You're struggling with your business, you feel like you no longer want to do it, and sometimes it is like you’re forced to do it every day. Maybe you just need a vehicle.


3:19 - You are so attached to your business. This is all that you do. You live this moment by moment, and because of that you become trapped by this cage called “the caged life” where you feel like you are an employee stuck in your own business.


7:42 - Take a breather, try to exercise it out. When you feel anxious or fear comes up, feel where it is in your body. And don't resist it. Don't stick your head in the sand or try to get rid of it. Just breathe and be with that feeling and locate that feeling. Breathe in, breathe out.


11:22 - “Your business is just a vehicle to get where you want to go.” It is a metaphor I say, that explains that, no matter how tough, how stressful, your business is, set a new mindset. Think of this as the greatest opportunity to start to experiment and look at it from a higher level of thinking.


14:21 - Have a structure in your business, Putting your customer and serving them at a high level first. And if your customers feel that you’re serving them at a high level, it justifies you raising the prices a little bit.


16:48 - Learn how to study organizational communication works. You realize that all businesses are frameworks of communication that are happening in an organized way.

Key Takeaways:


“Sometimes if you're looking at other businesses, and you're looking for a way out of your problem, it's right in front of you running from your problem isn't going to make it better. Did you're gonna bring the same you with the same beliefs and the same patterns into a new situation? I think it's really about learning, seeing your problem as an opportunity. And stepping back and taking a breath and jumping in with a new mindset and perspective and saying, you know what, my business is the greatest opportunity right now for me to start to experiment and look at it from a higher level of thinking.”


“If you study organizational communication, you realize that all businesses are frameworks of communication that are happening in an organized way.”


“If you have a bunch of these open loops in your consciousness, you go nuts, because they're happening in your body to your cotton swirl. But when you return to presence, the most successful people that I've ever met are people that can channel presence, and then choose what level of presence is right and calibrated for each situation.”


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