Why Your First Year In The Landscaping Business SUCKS and Everybody HATES You And You SUCK


When it feels like all of your dreams are falling apart. You don’t know what to do, your wife is nagging you, your bills are overdue, then worst is everybody hates you. They think that you suck, you think that you suck. What else would you do? Are you trapped? Hey, I feel you…. 



"Sometimes for the first three to five years of your small business. Sadly, it's a great opportunity, though. And if you have great communication with the people that you love, that's going to take you 2 to 4 or 5 years to get your business fully established, you're gonna have to go work at 90 to 100 hours a week to get the thing off the ground and get into a healthy functioning business. And if you can communicate with the people that you love and tell them, "Hey, I have to do this right now. I love you. It doesn't mean I don't love you any less.  But I've got to do this thing for the sake of us and our family and our business."    - Keith Kalfas


Topics Covered:


1:25 - When things get pretty heavy, and you don’t know what to do, that even your family doesn’t understand the kind of job or business you manage. They don’t even consider that it takes a lot of work for this job to handle. It is very tough. So severe, my friend. 

2:00 Worst is if your spouse even doesn’t understand the things you do at work. The most challenging part of it is, they even criticize you and starts a fight, and you will feel that they are so selfish that they only think themselves because they felt like you abandoned them. After all, you are working your ass off. 


2:39 - Even people around you tell you that you need to put your family first, then you,r job or your business. Yes, that is true. I agree on that part, even I had those moments with my wife before, and I tell you. It felt like you’re in this deep hole that you can’t escape from. It is hard, man!


3:30 - But here’s the thing. No matter how hard, no matter how excruciating and painful it is. Try to make amends with your spouse, ask her support. Make her realize that “Behind every great man is a great woman."


3:55 - It took us, Five solid years to put everything to stable, you might reach it less than me, that would be great. But, you can achieve this whole thing if both of you understand and support each other. And if the relationship you have was built in a solid foundation, nothing could go wrong.

Key Takeaways: 


“If you don't put those things in order first, it's all going to come crashing down like a house of cards, everything's gonna fall apart, and your life isn't going to work long term, right?”



“And I think that if you can stay by the side of the person that you love through those really hard times, then there's a light at the end of the tunnel the outcome of it is sweet for you. And if you get the right advice and the right mentorship and you can learn quickly on the fly and get yourself worth figuring out where you feel worthy of success. You can get there a lot faster into what might not have to take you five years, but I'm saying go find these tangents, man.”


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