Lines Levels States and Stages of Consciousness Paradigm Shifts

Lines Levels States and Stages of Consciousness Paradigm Shifts, what are these? Oh, there are structures of consciousness? Whoah. Let’s talk about these stages as it may help each one us understand the paradigm. Being aware is important, so to know our strengths and weaknesses. As soon as you discover your level, my friend, this will greatly help you. 


“So here's one shoe. So I'm tying my shoe right now. I feel uncomfortable that my foot’s in the square behind me so if this is your paradigm, and this is your reality, you're inside of this state. It could be that there's lines, levels, states, and stages of passion. There are different lines of consciousness.” - Keith Kalfas

Topics Covered:


00:54 - Different levels of consciousness, what are those? How will you discover yours? 


3:54 - Stages of consciousness, this depends on how you view these layers. It is up to you if you will put it in a positive perspective. 


6:27 - How will this affect your life? It is up to you to turn everything into positive behaviors. It is you that holds the key. 


11:22 - Move away from your comfort zone, it will not help if you keep on coming bad to your old habits. The main goal is to start new and level up your consciousness. Keep on practicing. 


19:16 - Being open and having a clear conscious you get to see and think better. You became more responsible and accountable. You get to contribute more to the people around you. 

Key Takeaways: 


“What can happen is you can start to peer into these different states of consciousness. You go, Whoa, you're never the same. Oh my god,  you start to become integral in your consciousness. So instead of polarizing on one thing, you can extrapolate information based on one piece of data, you can start to see everything.”


“Because now when you do that you got to pick up the cross of responsibility and become accountable. And then you start to think and everything that you do is tied to a definite action as a reverberation quantified butterfly effect that echoes around the world until eternity and changes people's lives. Every single thing that you do and every thought that you think is affecting the greater whole of the world that we live in and everybody in it. So then you start to think oh my god, we are all one.”


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