How to Market Your Business & Get Free TRAFFIC to Your Funnel With YouTube



Hey, my friend, I would like to share my experience at the Contractor Sales Academy event in Greenwood, Colorado. I was invited as one of the speakers for the event; of course, I would like you to learn what I had shared, and from this, you could benefit as well how to market your business and get traffic through your funnel with YouTube! Being on this game is a win-win situation for you and your business. Want to know why and how? Let's dive in...



"Three and a half years ago, I wanted to start a YouTube channel. So I could film my business for specific reasons. One was to help guys get out of dead-end jobs and start their own landscaping business because that's what I do. And the journey for me was a living hell. So I started documenting it. And then number two, the second reason was that I wanted to find a way that I could sell to my customers because I was learning that I was getting very frustrated when I had to keep repeating the same thing to a customer over and over again" - Keith Kalfas



Topics Covered:

1:35 -  Setting up a YouTube channel is not only a benefit that you could get for yourself. This could also help you reach out to your customers and potential clients. By creating a video and uploading it on YouTube, you get to market your business for free! And this will also save you time explaining to your customers and potential clients what type of business you run or how the job is done.


3:29 - Some tips on how you could be influential in a video.  How your viewers will feel like you are directly talking to them, and how your viewers will feel an interaction between you and them.


6:48 - Just creating a video and uploading is not be enough to be successful if you want to market your business online. You will need to study and learn how experts do it. I gave some resources to help; it is better if you will take note of these resources that I use and still using on how to improve my channel. You could write this down or download this episode to listen to it again if you missed something.


9:14 - There are Millions of videos that are uploaded on YouTube; the next thing you need to learn is how you set your episodes not only to be searchable but by strategically optimize your local target demographic.


10:27 - Another way to help is through Facebook Ads, a great way to reach out to your customers and potential ones.


12:23 - Getting a well positive review will also help you boost your channel and your website's traffic.


14:08 - Just be cautious, though; not everything could be published online. There are still rules that apply mainly if it involves your customer. Remember, not all customers will agree to take part in your video or participate in this. You could add a disclaimer release into your contract that your customers have to sign that permits you to record in their property.


16:52 - Do you know what the customer avatar is? Listen to this; this will significantly help you.


19:12 - How psychology will help mostly in the communication between you and your viewers?  Learn the law of reciprocity.


Key Takeaways: 


"So this is not theory; I've not done it. I have sold through video, and I've closed jobs and educated my customers. But I'll be implementing a sequential beta test that actually sends out an autoresponder to my customers that says hello and introduces us to our services to them. Then, when we leave the property, it sends out an automatic response email with an embedded video that they can click on. And then it says thank you very much for your services; we appreciate you, we're your local service provider. Our business survives and thrives off positive reviews on Yelp, Google, or Facebook; please click the link in the description below to leave us a positive review. We'd greatly appreciate it. So that's another way to get positive reviews on Google is every single customer in my business. ."


"We figure out what better and better ways to do this and into our businesses and put it into our CRM, like Infusionsoft, our customer relationship management software programs, if we could find a way to put a video in there to sell better and more clearly communicate, then we just freed ourself up from a whole bunch of time, I've developed the whole internet business where now I'm making thousands of dollars a month on autopilot, this just keeps popping into my phone, because I have hundreds of videos that are selling for me. And now I'm putting together video courses on how to do all this stuff.


"And if you do and you commit to it, and you make at least one video a week and just keep uploading that thing and doing what I'm saying you will see just like Stan has seen that people are calling, like my whole video, my youtube channel with all the quotes. There are literally people that call me and say, Hey, I was watching your video when you were quoting. And you seem like you know what you're talking about.  I'm looking for an estimate. I'm like, well, that's cool."



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