The 3 Stages of Enlightenment plus My Life Changing Breakthrough Story of How I Started a Landscaping Business

This episode will be a little different because this consists of two topics. The first topic is about The 3 Stages of Enlightenment and the second portion is like a bonus track that is regarding the Life-Changing Breakthrough Story of How I Started my landscaping business. Listen to these episodes as they are combined to inspire and greatly help you. Remember all struggles that we are facing in life are challenges to make us strong, to make us better. Don't quit. Pursue your dreams. 



"Six years ago, I was stuck in a dead-end job. And I was only making $10 an hour at the age of like 29 or 28 or something. And I've been fired for many, many jobs. And what made me start my landscaping business in the six figures. Now, actually, my goal this year is to hit a quarter million. It's a lot to some, it's peanuts to others. It doesn't matter. It matters about what your own personal journey is and what you're willing to face and how fast you're willing to face it."Keith Kalfas



Topics Covered:


00:34 - We all have our downside moments where we feel that we are nothing, that we are a nobody. We almost quit because in every attempt we make we fail, we don't succeed. So frustration starts to embrace you because it seems hopeless. That is why these 3 stages of enlightenment are very important.


1:25 - First stage - awakening. Seeing things from a different perspective. Instead of seeing things negatively, you convert them to a positive outlook and start to appreciate even the small things.


2:24 - Second stage - tribulation.  But while you're going through this thing, you understand, while you're going through it, that it's actually benefiting you. You say this is just a trial. This is just a tribulation. This is a test, I'm being tested.


8:46 - Third Stage - you bypass the entire trial. Now because you have been through this before, you can see around corners. And you don't even have to go through the hard thing. So you actually go around it, or you reap all these rewards and all these benefits right here right now.


12:09 - Bonus track of how I started my landscaping business from nothing. I added this to inspire all of you.




Key Takeaways: 


"Do a purge do it Cleanse, get rid of old things in your life old attachments. I love you, I'm sorry, forgive me thank you heal up relationships and things with yourself, go on a fast a cleanse a diet, take a few days off work and sleep in, or go work your guts out, whatever that thing is for you that practice can actually get you to break off that mold and a quantum leap to the next level very quickly. I've seen this happen in my life. So I've been through both I've been through all this crap, is where you go through years of trials and tribulations where nothing pops off and happens. And then all of a sudden, one day, something, boom, you just explode it to some level of success. And it just becomes realized instantaneously. I promise this can happen to you. And I've watched this happen for me in my life."


"The first one is where you go through the thing, and you don't even see it. And it takes a long time. And after you go through it to see why you went through, you get all the reward and all the benefits. the second type of enlightenment is while you're going through the tribulation, you can see why you're going through it and you reap the benefit. And you actually get through it a lot faster, because you know why you're going through it. And the third step type of enlightenment is you don't even have to go through the hard thing, you can actually circumvent it and go right around it and still reap all the rewards and all the benefits without wasting all the time by just being conscious and aware and learning from yours and other people's experiences. the lesson is repeated until the lesson is learned."


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