Keep Your Eyes On Your Vision!!!

Sometimes, due to problems and challenges in life, we tend to stop and not do what we tend to do. We become out of focus, unproductive, and hopeless. But are we letting this happen? Are we allowing this hindrance to obstruct us from doing our best? 



 "Don't let yourself down. Don't let the people you love down the future you who has a grasp, who owns all of your goals and dreams to future you who already has attained all of the well being the health, the wellness, the relationships, the finances, every goal and dream that God has ordained and designed you to have, that the universe wants you to have that you is in the near future waiting for you saying Come on, come on, what are you doing? What are you doing just sitting there. And it's funny how we get in these folks where we wait for something to come along to change our internal state." - Keith Kalfas


Topics Covered:

2: 15 - If you wait and stare at your future, you will not reach your goal. 


3:07 - Funny thing is if you see people in this state, it seems like it is pulling you to be in the same situation. 


4:35 - If you look into the eyes of somebody who is in a very negative state. Be careful of staring into the abyss because the Abyss might consume you, and you won't even know what happened. Keep your eyes on your vision. Keep your eyes on your vision and your goals, and the price. 


8:09 - Let he be deceived who would be deceived so and then includes yourself.


10:26 - In these weird times, people who get sucked into the abyss come out the machine chews them up and spits them out. But the people who focus and stay focused and stay on their vision were the people who ended up on top.



Key Takeaways: 


"If you don't know how to stand on your ground and your morals, if you don't know how to defend yourself if you don't know your rights. If you don't want rebuttal and you don't draw your line in the sand and know when to say no, then you will get deceived, you will get taken advantage of in this world."


"So don't let other people's problems consume you stand guard at the door of your own mind. Don't get sucked into this because I tell you. You end up regretting that you that's in the future who has all your goals and dreams is waiting for you on the other side saying, Come on, come on. You can do this."




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