Embarrassing Story

I tell a story about an embarrassing moment that happened between one of my Best friends and me.  I want to share this with all of you, and I hope you learn from this just as much as I did.


"I believe it's important to start having difficult conversations, not only with other people but with yourself, to stop you from being stagnant. If you want to grow on the outside, you got to grow on the inside. And sometimes it's not easy to face the fact that you're not perfect, that you have things in your life or in your psychology, that is just deeply embedded that you haven't worked through yet." -  Keith Kalfas.


Topics Covered:

  •  A fake friend won't say anything, and they'll talk shit behind your back. Real Friends hold you accountable.


  • It's your ego getting in the way because you have some complexity.


  • I wouldn't be on the ropes unless William trained me to do ropes.


  •  Friendship wasn't about money. It was about camaraderie. It was about loyalty. It was about a lot of other things.


  • My friend William is one of those friends that you only meet once in a lifetime.


  • You need to find somebody who doesn't give a shit about what you have or what you don't have or what you know. Who cares about your accomplishments, just as you care about his.



Key Takeaways:

"When the student is ready. The teacher will appear when you're ready, and you stand up, and you say that you're ready when you look your own eyes. In the mirror, he says, I'm ready, I'm ready for this doors will open up, and opportunities will open up in your life and your business. And miracles will happen that you've always dreamed of coming true in your life. It'll all happen for you."


"Do you feel worthy of having what you say you want? As soon as you feel worthy, and you feel that you deserve it, you got it, it's yours if it's available, and other people can access it too. And people that have these aspirational qualities that you know or know of or see on social media, they have things, or they have lives that you wish you had. They're just people. Anything is available to any of us. I'll say one quick story without getting too personal."


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