Are You Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Success Because You Feel Guilty About Becoming Successful? | 5 Steps Before You Start a Landscaping Business

I have two chapters lined up for you guys in this episode. Steps to becoming successful are not easy, even you're already there and have achieved your goal. Still lots of improvements you need to make, many things you need to learn. Don't stop. Do what you have to do.


"I took so much pride in creating value and being a giver to people the best that I knew how and I create, I found great value in that. But I was doing it through the years to the point where it was becoming detrimental to my own success. Where I wasn't leveling up myself. And I actually uncovered through time in some tough trials and tribulations that  I was actually afraid of success. So I was sabotaging my own success in doing everything to help everybody else because I was too afraid and too guilty." -  Keith Kalfas


Topics Covered:

Are You Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Success Because You Feel Guilty About Becoming Successful


  • It came to the point that I am becoming detrimental to my own success. Where I wasn't leveling up myself. And I actually uncovered through time in some severe trials and tribulations.


  • You need to give everything away to everybody else all the time, to the detriment of your own self. And so I started to stop and take a moment and say, Wait a second. What if this amazing thing I just learned was meant only for Keith right now? And I stopped, and I said to breathe and practice receiving, which doubled my income. Doubled my income. My revenue. You see, you need to learn for yourself too.... You need to apply it to your own self.


  • And I worked on my receiving muscles of learning how to be not only a cheerful giver but a delighted receiver without feeling guilty, and I still struggle with it, right? But I've come to this conclusion that the more comfortable you are with the giving, receiving relationship of being a value add or a value creator, someone who creates value for everybody, you're always creating value in your giver. But you also have to be a receiver. This is a give and take relationship to make things work.


  • I noticed once I start to become a little bit successful, there are many people in my life. And it's been an emotional process of growing up and maturing, to learn what's real, what's fact from what's fiction, because other people's victim stories, and unwillingness to grow and evolve in their own life really be exposed, and there'll be a spotlight put on them. When you start to grow, and you start to shine.



5 Steps Before You Start a Landscaping Business



  • If you're going to start a business and get it up to six figures, a full-time business. belief, the belief that it can actually happen for you if you make it happen.
  • Even if you have a crappy plan, it's better than no plan at all, get some sort of a game plan together. If you haven't ever done it before, you have to have some type of a game plan.


  • Confidence is the belief, your belief in your ability, your belief in your ability to figure things out. Do you believe in yourself?


  • Visualize this is so powerful. If you have a little bit of confidence in yourself, it's a question Wait for a second, if I just gave myself a chance, and I believed in myself, would that increase my chances of success at this?


  • Expand means once you get a lot of activity going in the business and you're busy now you can start to come back through, say you know what, I want to raise my prices a little bit now you develop the real skill sets of learning how to have difficult conversations with customers and how to learn your value and your self worth and prove that you are who you say you are.



Key Takeaways:


"If you don't have your mindset straight. If you can get excited about entrepreneurship in general, that you get to be your own boss and call the shots and build a business from your mind into reality how you see fit, and actually generate revenue and do positive things in the world. And you have the belief that it can happen for you."


"Even if you've never done the thing before, get a pen and a piece of paper and make a list of your plan of attack of how you're actually going to go out and do this thing. And he also told me even if you have a crappy plan, just get the plan together, get going move forward confidently. And then reiterate your plan as you go."


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