Your Worthiness

Hey, my friend. This episode I've recorded is not from my YouTube video. I recorded this separately just for this podcast. This is the only channel where you could hear this topic. 

While driving going somewhere, I just want to get this off my chest. This is about abundance, about failure, about fears and worthiness. What is worthiness to you really? I grew up in poor dirt surrounded by poor people. And all they thought was poor thoughts. And that permeates in my brain. And now I'm on my way to being rich. In fact, I'm going to be the richest person I know. I just know that. See, even though I'm not there yet, I know it's going to happen. Now, let's understand why self-worth is important, and why you must add it to your formula on how to be rich.


"For the first time in my life. I am a provider, and I've never gotten to be that ever before in my life, and the feeling of being a provider, I take so much pride in it."


Topics Covered:

1:40 - Before reaching the top, you must start from the bottom. I remember working in a collision shop in the middle of winter detailing cars for $9 an hour. I was broke my whole life. For 30 years, I was broke. But, do we settle in this situation? Of course not. You must find a way to survive. You don't stop, my friend. You don't stop until you find a way.

4:13 - You thought that I was kidding when I told you that I didn't grow up silver-spooned? Listen to what I have to say...

6:30 - When you slowly reach your goal and start earning big money. You slowly build your confidence, your self-worth, yourself.

10:57 - So when you finally hit a six-figure business, you can finally afford a couch, you can get a bed, you can get tables and chairs. You can finally get a dresser with a matching nightstand. Do you know what I mean? You will feel amazed and fulfilled. That's a success for me!

19:36 - Again, this is just a short episode, but I can't stress this enough that there are tons of courses and programs and podcasts and things that can teach you how to sell more and make more money. Do your own due diligence.

21:36 - To finish off, think about what is missing in your formula after you've followed all the advice. Do you think that you have self-worth? Are you worthy? When you feel worthy of it, and you believe that you deserve it, everything will follow. Think about it, my friend. 



Key Takeaways:


"If you want to make more money, if you want to get to the next level in the next step, or you feel like it's impossible to get there. It's totally not possible."


"When you say it, you believe in yourself. And if resistance comes up, you just take a breath, and you just keep breathing through that. Keep repeating it to yourself, feeling it and normalizing and your system as though that's totally normal."



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