Perseverance, Mindset, and Servant Leadership

Hey, my friend. Guess what. I have two guests today in my show—two super awesome men. So, I let these two astounding men talk and get to know each other pretty well. 

Daniel Miraval, I think everybody who listens to my Podcast and watches my YouTube videos knows this awesome guy. This dude is one of my regulars in the show. He is very passionate about his job, he loves what he does, and the remarkable thing about him is, he loves to help people. If he hires you? He will pay for your training, seminars, and stuff. That's the fantastic thing about him. He is not just a good leader but also a kindhearted person. Oh, yeah... He is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist too.


Mark Parker is a Technical Field Specialist for Bryan Equipment Sales Inc. He took up a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Toledo. And he is planning to take a doctorate very soon. Check his Instagram account to see what he does. Oh, yeah. You could also check him out on my YouTube channel. We did some videos together. 



"If there's someone out like me out there, looking to attain that level that I have to become the role model. So I had to become a role model for myself so that I can serve others." - Daniel Miraval.



Topics Covered: 

1:01 - Daniel Miraval board certified master arborist.

2:37 - Here is a quick story of how Daniel started his career as an Arborist.

6:08 -  You've got to have your mission statement, your core values, and your vision.



Key Takeaways: 

“You've got to really have your own mission statement, your core value set up, you got to have your own vision for that ride. on someone else drive you either have to have that from within.” - Daniel Miraval




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