A Special Podcast with My Godfather Michael Leonard.

Today's episode is exceptional because I have here with me my Godfather, friend, and mentor. Mr. Michael Leonard

A short introduction about him: he is a Lead Census Field Manager at the U.S. Department of Commerce, and he's been working there for about 1 year and 7 months. He is very skilled in Nonprofit organizations, coaching, and public speaking (Now you know where I got my talent from.) But, before that, he's assisting Veterans in navigating the various methods to fund Post-Secondary Education at Wayne University.

A very talented, Man. One of the people who I look up to. Join us today as he shares his meaningful perspective in life.


"People don't change unless they choose to change. And some people like yourself have made positive changes in our life. Other people go with the flow; they stay in their comfort zone. And they stay the same way." - Michael Leonard.



Topics Covered: 

00:20 - Introduction to Michael Leonard "My Godfather"


2:37 - You have to keep your eye on the goal, whatever that goal is, and faith is the most important component of all. A good combination to use to be able to achieve your goals in life.


7:24 - To lead, a person has to have the betterment of the people around him at heart, which makes a leader be able to be open. Be able to conduct themselves and say things as uses the word wisdom.


14:10 - A salesmanship is actually a form of teaching. You tell others what you want to do and how they can theoretically benefit them.


17:36 - Leadership comes with great responsibility and setting up a good example not only to adults but most importantly to children. Content is very important.


21:49 - My friend Joshua Latimer has created a community called "Honor and fire. It's about family faith and belief systems.


27:59 - Maintain your decorum at all times.



Key Takeaways: 

"Listen to what your wife has to say. And don't try to think about what you want to get off your chest first. After you listen to what she has to say, you address it, then maybe you share what happened at work, and you want to vent, and that's called good communication." - Michael Leonard.


"You need to maintain your decorum. You need to maintain who you are as an individual. Despite what's surrounding you." - Michael Leonard.


"Don't use filthy language. Don't use violence. With respect to the person, you're talking with. Listen to what they have to say even if you don't like it, have a dialogue with that other person. You all have a choice of how you're going to react. Choose how you're gonna react, you have a moment in time, use it wisely." -  Michael Leonard 


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