All about Business Mindset and Leadership talk with Bobby Walker and Quentin Howell.

After giving my keynote speech at the 2021 IWCA convention (International Window Cleaners Convention), I went to Bobby Walker's office.


For those who don't know, Bobby. He is the Bitch whisperer who started the No Bitch Zone group. 


Together with our friend Quentin Howell, we reminisce about how everything started. We talk about our businesses, share our insights about our journey, money, leadership, and of course, Jurassic Park.




"A bitch is someone that doesn't pursue their own goals or their dreams because of their own fears, or because of what other people may say Think or Do. And at the end of the day, it's someone that doesn't have personal accountability. So don't be a bitch; be the guy that goes out there, chases the dreams achieves the goals. And honestly, no matter if you achieve them, it just matters if you're running towards them. So that's the No Bitch Zone." - Bobby Walker


Topics Covered: 

2:59 - Bobby's story began when this bitch whisperer watched my YouTube video.


11:03 - Quentin shares his story of how he fought the struggles he faced during his divorce. How he managed to rise from his downfall.


18:16 - Just like them, I started very small. I am proud of it because of the struggles I've been through. Life's lesson has taught me so many things. That's what I want to share with you guys.


21:06 - Being tired of working for somebody else. As Bobby says, "It's not so easy to build a business that is independent of you. BUT if you don't want to work for someone else, that part's actually really easy, as long as you're cool with rejection."


25:20 - Failure is looked at the wrong way. As for Bobby, failure must be looked at differently. Instead of quitting, this must remind you that you must push to get your goal. 


30:50 - Never quit. Please don't say that it's not working until you yourself finds it not really working.



Key Takeaways: 


"They want to start their own business, but they do have that fear. The crazy thing is, it's really, really easy. To replace a basic income doing anything, you can pick up dog poop and replace an average income. It's not so easy to build a business that is independent of you. But if you don't want to work for someone else, that part's actually really easy, as long as you're cool with rejection." - Bobby Walker.


"The problem again is not your market. It's you. So when these people do these things that you're talking about, they go out there, try it, and what have you. That's the keyword is they tried it and my philosophy, my internal mentality, when I'm doing things like five, is trying to clip flyers, you know, which is a real controversial way of marketing, always sparks arguments and debates on what I'm trying whatever I say to myself, I'm going to prove that this thing doesn't work before I ever quit." - Bobby Walker.


"It's very interesting when you have a service-based business because there's always somebody, and if there's not, you just haven't networked with them yet or found out how to get that person to connect. They're always ready to write a check, please, I need you. I've been looking for you please. Um, you have so many people calling you and begging you to dig their money to come quote-unquote, clean their stuff, or provide that service that service businesses."  - Keith Kalfas.


"So people are terrified of rejection and things like that. If I could talk about who moved your cheese, if you throw some mice inside of a maze and you put cheese in a corner, they'll go, and they'll find it, and they'll eat the cheese. When the cheese is gone, the mice will bump their heads up against the wall for a couple of minutes. And then where's the cheese? Oh, I guess it's gone. So they'll bounce? No, keep looking around the maze, and they'll keep looking until they find more cheese. And that's the pattern of mice, and God made mice. Let's just say that when you put humans in a maze, you do the same thing. It could be a job. It could be cash could be an opportunity when that thing is gone. They don't usually wake up and say, oh, it's gone. Okay, well, let's look somewhere else for the opportunity. They'll literally start banging their head against the wall until they go insane, and starboard. doesn't die in that corner. Yeah. And so we've been trained and conditioned in a job to find another job like the rejection of entrepreneurship, of getting turned down all the time. Yeah, that's what I think people are terrified of. They think they're gonna starve to death. And until you can get to a point where you turn on your deal flow, and you understand marketing advertising, it's just a faucet." - Keith Kalfas.


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