"5 P's of Personal Development" Keynote Speech - IWCA 2021- Orlando, FL

My friend, if you haven't watched my keynote speech at the IWCA convention (International Window Cleaners Convention) in Orlando, Florida. Here's the audio version so you could listen to it while you're doing your errands today. 


And if you're one of those people who already watched, thank you so much! If in case you want to playback, I appreciate your effort and willingness to learn. 


To those who don't have any idea. I discuss the 5 Ps of Personal Development, based on Abundance Frequency and Reframing Your Perspective on Time // To Become a Success Magnet. A Tip On Personal Development, Well Being, and Having Peace in Your Life. Lines, Levels, States, and Stages of Consciousness | Paradigm Shifts. As taught by Ken Wilber.


"I remember so many times when I was online about to buy a ticket for a convention. And then my excuses got in the way, and I didn't want to drive across the country or fly across the country. And I did it anyway. And then I met one guy, or one person, or even a group of guys, I sat down having dinner with and that very conversation changed my life.. I found myself at one in the morning, leaving a restaurant with a group of guys in tears literally having the breakthrough transformational conversation that made me go back home a different man." - Keith Kalfas.


Topics Covered:


1:36 - The five p's of personal development 


1:41 - "Presence" - When you're right here, right now, live events are where you go to get your life change


2:45 - "Pride" - Here are some things that get in the way. And it's our ego and our pride. 


6:53 - "Pressure" - If you had this much time from the whole state to get something done, you'll literally procrastinate down to the last 10% and get it all done.


12:37 - "Persistence" - Sometimes you got to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough. 


24:34 - "Power" - That's when you move from a place of feeling like you're not worthy of being completely worthy. This thing happens when your worth rises, and now nothing is impossible for you. 


The second part I allotted for the Question and Answer portion regarding Social Media Marketing to help build their marketing strategy.  Some of the questions answered are:


  • How do you start YouTube and create a list and video idea content topics and start publishing it? Are you using the library? Did you just make a list of words? Like, one bite at a time? How do we start doing this?


  • What's the number one thing that you want to put on social media posts that increase or boost your SEO?


  • Are there certain players that you utilize to help build these things to make the process or making the edits quicker when it comes to splicing them together and add music?


  • Do you use keywords to get the traffic boost for your videos?




Key Takeaways:


"I never knew that, that your self-worth and your belief in yourself are directly tied to your income and your socio-economic strata. It's definitely those two things. And the more my self-worth went up was the more that my income went up, and the more my business grew, and the healthier my life got. So, know your worth."


"I believe you have to have a personality now on social media. It could be you or it could be one of your lead techs who likes doing that, like super important when you have a personality, selling the business, and just being yourself. That's what's going to authentically pull in and make the customers lock-in, gravitate and listen. Because they want to see a person. So, they come for the information, or they come to get the service or what they need."



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