Support our Veterans in need. An interview with Founder and Volunteer Director Sandy Bower of Vets Returning Home

Today's show is all about recognizing our Veterans. Little did we know that most of our very own American Soldiers, after risking their lives, some of them, although not all, are coming home homeless, penniless, and worst, they feel forgotten. That is why we have here today, Miss Sandy Mc Nabb Bower (Founder and Volunteer Director of Vets Returning Home) to share how she got to the point of starting this organization that is helping our Veterans start their new life.

Sandy will tell us the story of why she chose to start this organization, how and what her purpose is in helping our veterans in need.

Our Veterans are asking for help, and they need us. They need you! They are not asking for a lot but, a little help is appreciated

Suppose you are the person who has the heart for our veterans in need. Vets Returning Home's contact number is:

Vets Returning Home Phone Number: 586-285-5606

You may also reach the founder herself through Phone Number: 586-216-8510

You could also send her an email at  [email protected]

For more info on how you can sign up for their Sponsored Partnership Program, visit them at

Website: Topics covered:

1:30 - Introduction to Sandy Bower. Her reason and mission for starting this non-profit organization.

6:18: Let's see for ourselves. If you are in Michigan and would like to drop by and say hello, pay your respect to our heroic heroes. Sandy is inviting you to visit them at 17955 E Eleven Mile Rd, Roseville, MI 48066, United States. (Click the Address Link to load Google Map)

8:37 - How did this non-profit organization start?

13:01 - Amid this COVID crisis, how are they surviving? Sandy shares with us how.

23:27 - Sandy's tips for us, business owners, on how to survive the crisis. "For me, failure was not an option," - she says


Key Takeaways

"So I created this where if a business makes a commitment to the returning home, like a monthly commitment for because I'm really trying to build that residual, where no matter what happens with fundraising dinners and large gatherings and stuff, we need to survive no matter what. So the different thresholds are like there's a package for $25 a month, $50 a month, or $100 a month. And in exchange, because it's got to be a win-win. So, for the business that participates in our supporting partner program, I bought this plaque. So you get this plaque that says we're a proud supporter of Vets Returning Home with our logo. And then, they get a window cling, the same image, window cling's proud supporter, they get to put our logo on their website, and we put their logo on our website, we come out and do a live stream featuring their business, and encourage the community to help support their business while they're supporting our veterans."


"The little train that could that's the biggest secret. The little train that could, and it's funny because when I share that, with so many of these younger ones that I mentor, they're like, Really? That's it?. I am dead serious. If you think you can, you can. If you tell yourself, oh, I don't think I can do that. Well then, guaranteed you will fail."


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