Powerful Breakthrough Conversation with Eric Reno

Most of the time, you hear the name Eric Reno on my podcast. In almost every episode, I mention his name, and I feel like you're asking, "Hey, who is Eric Reno??"

Well, I mean he is quite popular too, you know. He's got a YouTube channel and popular on Instagram too. But, for those who are not familiar with him yet. Here's the chance to know him better and know why I mention him most of the time: a great entrepreneur, friend, mentor, father to his kids, and husband to his wife.



"As you grow older, I think it becomes more important. You see the kids grow, and it doesn't take long till they're adults. So I want to capture that moment, every moment I can with them." - Eric Reno



Topic Covered:

00:27 - Introduction to Eric Reno, the founder of Paramount Building Inc. and the Roof Illusion.

1:12 - Eric is just like everybody else. He started small and climbed his way up. But, even though he is successful now, he is still very down-to-earth and a nice guy.

3:40 - Marketing is the best way to promote your business, and this guy did his own way of marketing his business. He tells how...

7:21 - For Eric, family is so important. He noticed that when he sees his children slowly growing up, he realizes that they're growing, but he is not around. He makes sure that he gives attention to his family aside from managing his businesses. Listen to how he does it.

8:55 - Here's an interesting one. He started a roofing business first. But now, he keeps putting his money into real estate. That's what he will share...

11:16 - Yes, his family comes first. You gotta be asking, how does he manage multiple businesses then spends time with his family? He says delegation is vital in his company.

14:40 - As your business grows. It would be best if you planned for the future. You might think that hiring a lawyer, financial planner, and accountants is a waste of money. You thought you don't need them, but listen to Eric why he thinks these people are important.

22:02 - I went live broadcast on Instagram the day I interviewed Eric, and I let people ask him a couple of questions about running his business, tips, and ideas, or what have you. Listen to this part. Maybe an unanswered question to yourself could be one of those.


Key Takeaways:

"Do you have life insurance? Does your life insurance doesn't cover enough to where if something happens to you, like your family's not going to have to sell their house and move into an apartment? When they first brought this stuff to me one by one, man, yeah, they're right. What kind of legacy would I leave? If I did all this great stuff, I died. And then, it's like they're poor as hell, or they get my life insurance check, but it's not enough to survive. And then, they have to sell the house then. They have to figure it all out. Like, I better plan this out for them." - Eric Reno


"So you're gonna want to delegate the rest of those jobs out. So there's something that's fallen through the cracks, or there's too many repairs or loose ends. And you need to find somebody to take care of that. Or, if you're out on the weekend picking up your guy's slack, someone got to be accountable for that." - Eric Reno.


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