Why Being Committed In Your Relationship Makes Your BUSINESS More Successful

So, the question is, do you live in a friendly or hostile universe? Do you think life is happening for you or against you? I know you heard this, but I want to give you my take on this. Don't you dare not listen to this podcast (lol), hear me out. Because what happens in your personal life at home is exactly what happens in your business. 


"If you don't have a foundation, then you can't go up. You can't scale up in anything to keep running around in the same pesky stuff your whole life. And the clock's ticking, the clock is ticking." - Keith Kalfas.


Topics Covered:

1:32 - I believe that what happens at home if you're resisting commitment then, it's going to happen in all things.

6:06 - The more your life becomes stable financially, you have to find a way to break free and let go of some of those old identities. Forgive yourself, forgive the people you love, forgive, just forgive and upgrade your identity and move into a more abundant frame of mind.

12:59 - I know that my wife wouldn't be doing what she does for no reason. The hardest thing is to sift through all the emotional storms that a woman can throw at you and sift through and find the truth of why she's saying what she is saying. She has a real reason for feeling what she feels.

17:19 - Marriage is like a business. As soon as you're tied up, you're in this thing for life.

20:30 - Final advice, I am not a relationship guru or relationship counselor. I am not an expert when it comes to relationships. But, one piece of advice to throw at you to help not ruin your relationship is, DON'T LOOK AT OTHER WOMEN. Because that is a wolf trying to put poison into your household. 


Key Takeaways:

"So in the midst of the storm when your woman is upset with you, just like in your business, because if you can't come home to a stable home, how are you going to have a stable business? Your relationship to the feminine is your relationship to your business. You come home, and sometimes, just because she's upset doesn't mean you have to smear all over yourself, or you can hold the garbage can."


"I think all relationships, not just marriage, you keep finding the truth and sorting, and these people are your everybody in your life. They're your soul mates. And they've come to teach you a lesson. They're spiritually evolving around you. And just like my wife, every single time, we didn't give up."


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