How to Hire Virtual Assistants to Help You Grow Your Business

There is no way we can handle everything independently on our own as business owners. I realized this when I noticed that I have a lot to do beyond running my business; I need to work late at night to stay on top of things. As a result of this situation, I began to search for a solution. I eventually sign up on Upwork, a site where you can hire people from any field of expertise, accounting, podcast editing, video editing etc.   Finding the right freelancer is not easy since thousands of freelancers are available, but only a few are a perfect fit for your business. This episode will give you some ideas on how to narrow down your search.   

“In my social media, I’m in a place where I’m being forced into growth. And for me, that was hiring virtual assistants to automate all the marketing.” - Keith Kalfas.



Topics Covered:

1:50 - Where to begin your search for a Virtual Assistant online.


8:53 - A personal assistant costs approximately how much?


14:36 - Examine an area of your business that needs improvement instead of hiring a full-time employee. You can hire a virtual assistant to handle that kind of work.


31:26 - Check the freelancer's background and research their work before hiring.



Key Takeaways:

“At some point, when you realize you can't do it all yourself, let your ego and your pride down and say, - you know what? I need help. I need to go to the people who have found out how to do this, who are actually executing. Learn from them, and do what they did. Because trying to do it myself over and over isn't working.”



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