He Makes $10000000 in Revenue After Spending Years Being Terrified To Talk To People. An Interview with Michael Hinderliter

Powerwash.com is owned by Michael Hinderliter, who distributes power washing equipment, parts, and supplies. During his junior year, he spent time repairing and building equipment for his father. This helped him develop the skills that empowered him to succeed today. For over 30 years, Powerwash.com has been helping businesses, and home consumers clean their surfaces with top-of-the-line pressure washers and equipment, cleaning chemicals, as well as consulting and training.


In this episode, we'll explore Michael's approach to surviving hard times as a business owner, how he deals with challenging situations, and how he manages to make big money despite agoraphobia. 


“Knowing how to run your business and do that kind of stuff. But to take what that experience I went through and how to apply that in my business. I think it taught me to be more personable and to be transparent in who I am, and recognize where my strengths are and allow other people that had better skill sets to do different things within the company.”


- Michael Hinderliter


Why you have to check today’s podcast:


1:21 - Introduction to Michael Hinderliter. How he learned about the business when he was a child.


2:49 - He tells the story of how he became agoraphobic, what he had been through, how he felt in his senior years, and how he was able to get help. 


6:37 - His situation was never easy to overcome, and it took him three years to get through it.


11:31 - To Michael, it was never easy to admit to his colleagues that he wasn't sure how to manage things at some point. When he faced his fear and told his subordinates, the working relationship got even better. 


13:59 - It is important that you, as an entrepreneur, create this funnel that feeds your business. Start your business on your own and eventually get assistance after everything's in place. 

Key Takeaways:  


The owner is usually one of the best people to go out and get that going be your primary focus as a business owner. Create that funnel that feeds the business, all the work you can get for the business, and then put the systems in place and have other people help you do that as much as you can.” - Michael Hinderliter.


“At this event, our first day was focusing on business and improving your business. Being able to like scale the business, a lineup of speakers to bring their different skill sets that they could share with those attending. And a lot of them have programs they can offer. So if you really want to grow your business and take it to the next level, and you don't want to spend much time learning what someone else has learned, which is what I would recommend doing.” - Michael Hinderliter.

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People/Resources Mentioned:

Powerwash university live training: https://www.powerwashu.com/

The highlight of the event: Highlights from PowerWash U University - Live Expo w Michael Hinderliter & Bobby Walker - YouTube

Filmed & Produced by Quentin Howell from Digital Dream Studios: CHICAGO CITY MARCH 2021 - YouTube

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