Your Customers Are Not Your Friends

Season #2

Let's be honest. When we are prospecting for a customer, we exaggerate to make them believe we are the best. You will also have situations where your customer will ask for too much from you because they know that you are trying to get hired, so you keep saying yes to all their requests even though it reaches a point that you cannot continue to accommodate them.

It is best not to rely on too much rapport to win a prospective customer, but rather to keep your professionalism so you can earn their trust and credibility. Being honest with them and learning to say no will demonstrate your transparency and commitment to your business.

The purpose of this episode is to share my strategies for winning customers with less rapport and in a more professional manner.


"There's a period where you have to get upset, and you have to get sick and tired before you move up to the next level. So, if you feel extremely frustrated, that means you're probably growing. That's good because now, you're being stretched."

- Keith Kalfas


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3:32 - Professionalism is the best way to establish a relationship with your customers. You do not have to be open with your personal life for them to like you. Professionalism is the best foundation for service.


6:48 - You should not be afraid to tell the truth, even if you don't have the skills to perform the job. If they're prospects, still be honest with them, be transparent; that's how you'll gain their trust and credibility.


9:32 - The customer will inevitably ask you for more, but the pay remains the same. That's okay, but you need to ask for additional compensation for the additional tasks they request. But, again, you are working to earn money, not to provide free labor.


12:10 - You will inevitably have to increase the prices; don't be afraid to ask for one. You can't stay with the same price forever; you also have to raise the prices to cover your basic expenses.



Key Takeaways:


"The funny thing is, I think you're standing out of integrity when you're prices are too low. Because now, you're out of integrity with yourself, when the last person to get paid is you, and you're still living in a crummy little place. And you've been working your tail off for a long time. It's still not coming together for you. And you still don't have any savings in the bank, and you're still stressing about money. You've been doing this long enough. How long do you need to keep doing that? How long are you going to be afraid?"  - Keith Kalfas.



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