Real Talk About Knowing Your Worth and Making More Money In Your Business

In this episode, Keith dives deep into his journey from starting a landscaping business to reaching the 100k milestone in just two years. He emphasizes the importance of mindset and shares valuable insights on the balance between learning and earning in the entrepreneurial world. Keith also discusses the challenges he faced, including taking on too much work and the importance of setting the right minimums for your services. Along the way, he encounters a surprise guest, William, who shares his perspective on the landscaping industry. Get ready for an engaging and insightful conversation that will inspire and motivate you on your entrepreneurial journey in the season of 2023.

"It's when you get sick of your own bullshit. So the story you're telling yourself in your head about your business and all these things, if you're in a victim state, nobody cares. Nobody cares... There are people who have it way worse than you. So clean it up. And keep climbing. You got this."

- Keith Kalfas

Topics Covered:

The need for change in your landscaping business if you're dissatisfied with your current situation. Personal experiences of being trapped in their business and the fear of raising prices. Emphasizes the importance of not doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Strategies such as improving marketing, providing high-value services, and raising prices incrementally. The concept of offering higher ticket jobs and upselling to increase profit margins is introduced. Self-reflection and taking action to change your business situation. Message of determination and the need to overcome victim mentality to achieve success. Key Takeaways

"Well, one, you can logically look at it and split test it if you feel trapped. Do more marketing and advertising and specific neighborhoods get really good at that. So then the math is more in your favor. Be more of a, a white glove, prestige, prestige, very high value experience service on time communication. Everything is like flawless. You get what I'm saying? Like be the best of the best, but also. Put yourself in a position so the customers, it's okay if you lose customers, right? And you don't just raise the price 30%, you raise it in small incremental percentages on your existing customers, and then higher percentages on your new customers, and there's all types of things." - Keith

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