High Level Picture of Your Service Business E+S+B+I Framework

Welcome to "The Untrapped Podcast," where we unlock the secrets of building business systems that liberate you from the daily grind. Join us as we explore topics like the cashflow quadrant, owning a service business, passive income, and the power of content and commerce in the digital age. Discover how to become a hands-off business owner while your venture continues to thrive and grow. Get ready to break free and unleash your business's true potential.


"Okay, so a B type business owner can walk away from their business for six months. Hands off. And if you listen, basically six months hands off, and their business just keeps generating the same amount or more revenue, it grows without them. Why? Because the business has systems."

- Keith kalfas

Topics Covered: 

  • The cashflow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Owning a service business
  • How do you decide what type of business owner to be
  • Work the system
  • Power vs force and the power of letting go
  • The five different stages of business
  • Passive income and passing on passive income
  • The three C’s of commerce
  • The three C’s of the internet

Key Takeaways 

"So if you said anybody that's gonna make money in business, in the future of the internet, you have to have these two things. I know this for sure. You have to have content. And you have to have commerce, ways of transacting goods and money so you can get money, right? You have commerce, if you're a merchant, and you have a table set up and you're selling things or you're providing services by way of word of mouth but on the internet, you have to have content out there. Good." - Keith


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