Scary But I'm TURNING DOWN Landscaping Jobs and Sticking to My CORE SERVICES

In this episode, I delve into turning down jobs and staying true to core services. Is it a great decision to trust your gut feeling instead of blindly following landscape quotes, and the importance of sticking to core services to avoid regret and stress? 

The episode delves into the emotional burden associated with landscaping jobs and my personal experiences with plant health and transplant shock. The dangers of taking on additional tasks outside of one's expertise are discussed, highlighting the need to establish boundaries and say no to tasks that can't be handled. Ultimately, the episode explores the fear of risk and the necessity of discernment in making decisions as a business owner. 

Tune in to hear the full episode as I dive into the world of landscaping, business strategies, and making courageous decisions by emphasizing the importance of establishing boundaries and learning to say no to tasks that are outside of one's expertise, as saying yes to everything may not always be the solution. Join us on this episode as we navigate the scary but rewarding world of the landscaping business.


"Trust me when I say, following your intuition and making decisions based on gut feelings is crucial. But also remember to ask for wisdom from a higher power."

- Keith Kalfas

Today's Topic:

[00:02:19] Topsoil, grass seed, fertilizer, maintenance, emotional baggage.

[00:05:54] Taking on unwanted jobs for money: Where's your time best spent?

[00:08:40] Learn profitable landscape maintenance secrets. Free video series.

Key Takeaways:

"Here's the thing, hustling to get a big job might seem like a great idea. But as your business grows, you might find yourself dealing with tasks outside your expertise. Set boundaries and learn to say no when it's necessary."

"Remember, saying yes to everything and taking on any job may not always be the solution. It's essential to establish boundaries and stay true to your expertise."


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