Get PAID What Your WORTH Lawn Care Pricing with Jason Creel of Lawn Care Life

In this episode, Keith and his guest, Jason Creel talks about the challenges age-based pricing and emphasize the importance of charging based on value. Topics covered include efficiency, navigating the first year of business, attracting profitable customers, weed control programs, online marketing, word-of-mouth referrals, billing systems, window cleaning startup tips, and optimal timing for starting a landscaping business. Tune in for valuable insights and strategies from Keith to excel in your entrepreneurial journey.


"I don't think your pricing should be based on your age, you know, if you're 16 and great, then like, charge what a great person would charge if you're, if you're 47 terrible then charge what a terrible person to charge."

 - Jason Creel

Topics Covered: 

  • Shrinking back down and getting rid of yards
  • Making decisions to be more efficient
  • The first year of business is the hardest
  • Getting the right customers and being profitable
  •  Weed control program
  • Seven Steps to marketing online
  • The power of word of mouth and referrals
  • Best billing system with new clients
  • Tips for a new window cleaning startup
  • The best time to start a landscaping business

Key Takeaways 
"I think the other side of it is, I think some people try to fix all their problems, their whole broken business by going up $5 on everybody, and you can't fix everything by going up on five bucks. Because some businesses are just so broken, they're in debt up their eyeballs, or there's so I've did a video one time the efficiency was more important in the pricing. And what I'm saying is, that is not that pricing is not important. But if you're driving literally all over town, I mean, in Detroit, what drove all over into traffic to go mow a $40 yard, it doesn't matter if you if you charge them $50 or 60, you still got a broken business. I mean, so you know, it's not the fix all it does pricing them fix everything, you know, say until now, like I really try and get 20 yards in the same neighborhood. And if I'm $2 cheaper than somebody else, I still felt like I'm killing them at the end of the day on profit margins." - Jason


 "I think throw as much activity at the wall, throw as much money at the wall as you possibly can and see what sticks if you have a ton of opportunity. You know, some people say do it all. But then I really think that you should do it all and do everything you can and just work like 12 to 14 hours a day and do that for about 90 days until it gets so unbearable that you're forced to start cutting the fat and carving out what doesn't work. Because in that time period, if this is your first year, the lessons that you're going to be that you're going to learn while being in the trenches, and under the fire, with that amount of pressure on you are going to make you have a nervous breakdown, which is beautiful, but to know, they're gonna, they're gonna teach you invaluable lessons, and you're gonna get a, you know, like a master's degree at this a lot faster than most people if you've got that many customers that fast." - Keith

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