How to Deal with Workers Comp & General Liability INSURANCE Audits in Your Landscaping Business

You might find yourself overwhelmed by the complexities of financial and accounting terms, often leaving you with little time to dedicate to learning about these topics. Audits can occur inconveniently, adding stress and pressure to your busy schedule. 

In this episode, I explore the contrast between physically demanding work and administrative tasks, acknowledging the necessity of handling financial reports and organizing insurance despite personal dislikes. The challenges of completing an audit provide insights into overcoming mental and emotional blocks to think positively and recognize the potential benefits. I explore the fears and anxieties associated with audits and the importance of an insurance company providing support and guidance during these processes.


“When these notices come in, get them handled immediately.”

          -Keith Kalfas


Today’s Topic:

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00:12 - How do you handle your business's administrative tasks and financial responsibilities? Do you enjoy these tasks, or do you find them overwhelming?

03:34 - What happens if you have an emotional response to tax audits? How did you handle it, and what was your experience?

7:22 -  How do you ensure that your business complies with all the requirements and regulations, especially regarding payroll and employee documentation? If you can’t handle these situations alone, get a bookkeeper from your blue skies accounting or find your local accountant.


Key Takeaways:

  • Establish administrative processes: Setting up administrative functions is crucial to handle financial matters and policies effectively. This ensures that you're prepared when audits roll around.
  • Annual audits are required: Annual audits are often mandatory for general liability and workers comp insurance. It is important to know this requirement and gather the necessary documentation.
  • Understand insurance company objectives: Insurance companies aim to assess exposure risk and liabilities to protect their interests. It's essential to keep this in mind when navigating through audits and responding to notices.


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