How To Start a Window Cleaning Business - My Struggle to Success Story

In this episode, we're delving into the world of window cleaning. Keith started his window cleaning business a decade ago in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and today, he's here to share valuable insights and experiences with us. Join us as we explore the learning curve of window cleaning, and learn the key to keeping customers coming back for more. So, if you're ready to unlock the potential of your window cleaning business and find your path to success, stay tuned and let's dive in!


"Your job is not to convince people to let you clean their windows. Your job is to find people who have disposable income."

 - Keith Kalfas

Topics Covered: 

  • Starting a window cleaning business 10 years ago
  • The window cleaning business in Metro Detroit, Michigan
  • The learning curve of window cleaning
  • The window cleaning blueprint course
  • The conversion metric for clients
  • The key to getting customers to stay
  • Hard work is a prerequisite for a successful business

Key Takeaways 

"You got to keep marketing and advertising and working and growing and your worth and you got to keep them how you got him that's what I mean it's there's customers that if you if you got them at a low price sometimes you got to keep them that way you can might be able to do a little little incremental prices. But if you're gonna come in also with this new high price you're gonna freak them out. When you get brand new customers who don't know the old you who didn't know who when you had a low self esteem, low confidence, they just know you now they don't know that used to charge deeper and they just accepted at 400 bucks a house. Like this is a whole psychology mindset game of you understanding that, like they don't know that you don't know anything about you." - Keith


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