How to Negotiate and Raise Prices in Your Landscaping Business without Being Afraid of Losing Client

In this short episode, inspired by the wisdom of Keith Kalfas, we'll journey through pivotal topics that transcend the landscaping industry. Get ready to explore the intricacies of business challenges, the shift from customer-centric to sales-focused strategies, and the profound impact of speaking from the heart.


"Learn the skill of being transparent and negotiating from the heart and speaking from the why instead of bottling it up."

 - Keith Kalfas

Topics Covered: 

  • Caring wisdom about landscaping business challenges and customer relations.
  • Shift from customer-centric to sales-focused approach for profitability.
  • Stresses transparent and heartfelt negotiation, encouraging courage and self-belief.
  • Highlights the power of bravery and passion to inspire clients.
  • Offers free beginner's landscaping video series

Key Takeaways 

 "Saying good things yourself and believing in yourself and thinking about all the good things that your track record of showing up on time and doing the jobs and all these things like you have all the reason that you need to believe in yourself enough to have a little bit of courage and have the heart to negotiate with these customers that Hey, I gotta raise the price. 12.5% or whatever that is. It's just like, I'm just trying to say you're worthy. And if the customers don't see it, then they're not worth your time. But you got to not go silent. Stop keeping your mouth shut and bottling it up. Start having the courage to communicate because like I said, People appreciate the hustle. " - Keith


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