Mowing & Life Priorities with Johnny Mow

Welcome back to The Untrapped Podcast, where we dive deep into the art of mastering time for life success. As Johnny Mow aptly puts it, "It's all about your time. So the older I get, the more valuable my time is, and becoming a master of my time is critical to life success." In today's episode, we're exploring key topics and insights from Keith and our guest, Johnny, as they share their wisdom on time management, personal growth, and prioritization.


"It's all about your time. That's what he said. So the older I get, the more valuable my time is and becoming master my time is critical to life success. "

 - Johnny Mow

Topics Covered: 

  • The importance of prioritizing your time
  • The importance of having a plan
  • The spring rush trap
  • How to take the mountain of education
  • Fess up when you mess up
  • Managing your time and budget
  • How to change the way you see things
  • The importance of putting yourself first
  • Raising prices and raising your worth

Key Takeaways 

 "And I said I'm gonna change actually, I dropped a whole bunch of accounts. I started prioritizing my time. And I don't know if you can see this, but I have like five statements I live by. And this is one of them. It says proper planning prevents poor performance. And when it comes to priority prioritization of your family, you have to plan for it. It has to be on your mind. As soon as you get up in the morning. " - Johnny


"When you change the way you see things, the things that you see literally change, just like going through this like putting your hand on a hot stove, and it burns the hell out of you like running around. I'm just on a quick rant here. Yeah, for your customers. Because when I had people on the podcast that have been through stuff, and they've come to these conclusions, then they'll speak it from the end result. I'm obsessed with the emotional, the breakdown, sometimes you gotta have a breakdown in order to have a breakthrough. " - Keith


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